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Virgin Area with approximately 317000 ha in Pilão Arcado, Bahia, suited for eolic energy



Virgin Area Bahia with 317000 ha in Pilão Arcado, suited for eolic energy, 60 % flat, 500 m altitude, 800 mm rainfall

General Description and Features:

The farm area is a virgin land which as of yet has never been commercially used, nor explored. The area has a total size of 317000 hectares.

  • It is 60% flat, the remaining land having a 12% slope
  • General Geographical Coordinates 45ºW-10ºS
  • Bordering the São Francisco River at km 54 km
  • RL and APP 20%
  • Sandy soil with approximately 15% to 20% clay content
  • Rainfall index of 800 mm / year
  • Altitude in average (by extension) 500 m
  • Vegetation: mainly caatinga (The Caatinga is a xeric shrubland and thorn forest, which consists primarily of small, thorny trees that shed their leaves seasonally. Cacti, thick-stemmed plants, thorny brush, and arid-adapted grasses make up the ground layer. Most vegetation experiences a brief burst of activity during the three-month long rainy season)
  • Excellent area for renewable energy production – particularly suited for wind and solar energy
  • Located in the northeast wind channel (CRESESB)
  • License in place for wind energy exploration and water usage (drilling)
  • Electricity installed and well advanced on land
  • Proximity to the BR 020
  • Track for small aircraft in the neighboring municipality (Barreiras)
  • Nearest major airport in Petrolina, 200 km
  • Located between Barreiras, Redenção and Arão Pylon
  • Documentation: all documentation available (escritura). The area is completely georeferenced.

A study by Vilco has been performed towards the suitability of the area in relation to wind energy. Further information as well as viability analysis can be sent on request.

Sales price: 300 R$ or 80 USD/ha

Additional Information:

Pilão Arcado is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.

Detailed information about the agricultural sector in Brazil, analysis and literature you can find here.

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