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Our Team

Our Team in Brazil

Real Estate Brazil (former Hahn & Partner Real Estate Consulting) consists of professionals with academic as well as business backround, specialized on the agribusiness/agricultural, energy and real estate sectors. Wide-Ranging experience comes together with detailed knowledge of local and regional circumstances and parameters, based on a decades-long familiarity with Brazil´s national, regional and local economic situation. We provide encompassing consulting, including due diligence services, residential and commercial appraisal valuations, managing and accompanying of sales processes. It was originally founded in Germany in 1991 and nowadays has branches in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Brasilia. Our official languages (fluent) are english, portugues, spanish, german and french.

In addition to our team in Brazil, you will find below international partners that provide Brazil-related services (realty, accounting, legal counseling) mainly destined at buyers and sellers from the respective origin countries.

Dr. Andreas Hahn

Senior Partner at Hahn Consulting

Dr. Andreas Hahn, born 1979 in Chemnitz/Germany, is a Senior Partner at Hahn Consulting, with his principal activities located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He holds a phD/doctorate in Political Economy/International Relations (University of Duisburg-Essen and FAAP São Paulo, about the economic implications of financial and fiscal reforms under the Fernando Henrique Cardoso government, with the final grade summa cum laude) and is a designated expert in terms of the Brazilian real estate market with decade-long practical experience. He is an associate member of the Agrovision Institute in Brasilia and real estate advisor for Brazilian property investments of the New York Times.

Main Areas of Activity:
  • Consulting regarding the purchase of private and commercial properties in Brazil
  • Intermediation of commercial and residential properties in Brazil
  • Sworn Appraisals of real estate as well as due diligence of agricultural areas
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services in the renewable energies sector, due diligences and intermediation of projects
  • Economic appraisals and analysis (infrastructure, market- and supply chain analysis, market studies)

Fluency in English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Professional Real Estate Broker in Brazil

Comprehensive assistance and support for foreign property investors here in Brazil.


  • Author of 2 books on Brazilian Real Estate Investment
  • 11 years of consulting regarding facilitating property purchases in Brazil for a wide range of overseas investors.
  • Equity partner and investment director of 2 property companies in Natal, North-East Brazil
  • Solid network of local professionals in the legal sector, accountancy, construction industry and governmental offices all over Brazil
  • Large portfollio of properties offered in Brazil including Hotels, Luxury homes and LandBanking opportunities.
  • www.brazilbeachhouse.com

Herrisson Eder Ranzi

CRECI 20.043/SC – CNAI 6696

  • Postgraduate in Real Estate, Notary and Registral Law – 2014/2016 – Center of Excellence in Law of UNOESC – Xanxerê / SC. Postgraduate course focused on the topics of extended real estate law.
  • Postgraduate MBA in Project Management – 2010/2011 – University Gama Filho – UGF – Florianópolis / SC. Postgraduate course with MBA – emphasis on the creation, management and delivery of projects.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – 2000/2004 – University of the State of Santa Catarina – UDESC – Florianópolis / SC

Professional experience:

VidaNova Business Real Estate – www.vn.imb.br

  • Director and Technician in Condominium Management (10/16/2010)…
  • Director of Condos Section;
  • Intermediary of contracts of purchase and sale, and real estate appraisal;
  • Operator of condominium administration system and real estate appraisal.
  • Management of information made available on the web;

Dirk Delfortrie

Senior Partner

Founder and director of 17 companies in a 40 year career span from trading enterprises to restaurants, industrial manufacturing and real estate developments in The Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Hong Kong, The Philippines and USA. Business dealings in most European countries, China, Thailand, UAE and Colombia.
Since 2003 involved and active in Brazilan society, spending most of his time in Brazil, Portugal and The
Netherlands. Ample practical business experience in international negotiations at every level and direct access to the Brazilian government in Brasilia.

Principal areas of Activity:

● Global network of real estate investors focussed on investing in the Brazilian
property market and tourism/hospitality industry.
● European network of product and industrial manufacturers to expand their business to South America by investing in, or acquiring Brazilian companies.
● Consultancy and assist Brazilan manufacturers to export their products to the EU market.
Languages : Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, French.

The picture to the left shows Dirk Delfortrie with Rogerio Marinho, Minister of Foreign Investment and Regional Development in Rio Grande do Norte. Both enjoy a close working relationship.

Prof.Dr.Climaco Cezar de Souza


Graduated in agronomics and veterinary medicine and post-graduated in agronomics as well at the University of Brasilia, he was nomeated Professor for Agricultural Sciences and subsequently responsible for MBA courses in Agribusiness. He became one of the leading experts in the field of Agricultural Sciences and worked in the academic area for 27 years. In 2007 he accepted a position as analyst in agribusiness for one of the major agricultural banks in Brazil and offered consultancy services for several agricultural cooperatives and enterprises. Currently he is director of the Agrovision Institute, a consulting agency and think tank in Brasilia, providing ample services for enterprises investing in the agricultural area, namely due diligences, implantation and realization of area-specific projects. During the years he published several books and articles, frequently in cooperation with BMF-BOVESPA, including abrangent analysis of the Brazilian agricultural situation, ranging from soil analyses to general evaluations.

Main Areas of Activity:

  • Consulting services regarding the purchase and rent agricultural properties in Brazil
  • Due diligences of investment projects in the rural sector
  • Intermediation of Commercial and Residential Properties in Brazil, with regional focus on Mato Grosso, Goias and Tocantins
  • Appraisals and due diligence of agricultural areas

Joao Mauricio Massapê



Rural property advice in prospecting, identifying, hiring, regularization of documentation of areas to set up Solar Power Plants in Northeast Brazil (states of Bahia, Piauí, Pernambuco, Maranhão, Ceará, Paraíba e Rio Grande do Norte) 2013 – 2015
Rural property advice in prospecting, identifying, hiring, areas of settlement documentation for deploying solar power plants in northern Mexico – 2014
Course web – What a Plant Knows (and other things you did not know about plants) – Coursera – Tel Aviv University – 2013
Degree in Real Estate Management by ULBRA – 2012;
Graduate in Environmental Monitoring UFBA with completion of the course Limnology and epicontinental Water and Coastal Ecology – UFBA;
Degree in Biological Sciences from UEFS / BA with emphasis in Ecology and carried out 08 extra-curricular courses for graduation;
Achievement of 60% of Animal Science course by UFV / MG;
Completion of 2nd degree by the Mason County Center High Scool – Michigan – USA;
Managing Partner of Massapê Ipe Brokerage & Real Estate Business Ltd, a company specializing in rural real estate segment in the state of Bahia, with sales of hundreds of farms in different regions of the state.;
Attorney and Executive in the implementation of the Haras Tangara Ltda, foreign capital company focused on the Tourist Trade and High Riding School, including creation, selection, gentle and marketing Lusitano breed of horses (PSL – purebred Lusitano)., With import animal Portugal and EU;
Stage residence 06 months in Dowma Dairy Farm – Ontario – California – USA, high dairy technology company with production of 24,000 liters / day;
Experience in agricultural activities, worked on 200 ha project deployment flooded rice in Taiwan do Rio Preto – BA;
Managing partner of Agropastoril and Industrial Port of Santa Clara Ltda., With work in the deployment of infrastructure, opening areas for upland rice, maize, beans, sesame addition to cattle pasture and Apiary facility in property company in Taiwan do Rio Preto – BA;
Farmer with experience in buying and selling cattle, horses and mules, goats and sheep;
Linguages – Portuguse, Fluent English and Spanish, Italian learning;

Legal Advice and Advocacy

Marcelo Fonseca Santos

  • Member of the Civil Law Commission of OAB/SP, subsection of Pinheiros.
  • Member of Private Law Institute – IDP.
  • Member of the Economic Criminal Law Commission of OAB/SP.
  • Member of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences – IBCCRIM.
  • Lecturer of Tax Law at the Regional Council of Realtors in São Paulo – CRECI/SP.

He labored at Deloitte Touch Consultants, worked at Duarte Garcia office staff, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra Advogados, taking care of the consulting and litigation in public law (Tax and Administrative / Bidding).
He added specializations and several courses, highlighting the Corporate Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Postgraduate LLM Business Law at FMU.
In addition to extensive experience, he aslo has taken courses in tax and business, in renowned institutes such as the Institute of Lawyers of São Paulo – IASP, the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law – IBDT (USP), among others.


Rafael Martins Iasz


Lawyer graduated at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie as well as Engineering at the Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial – FEI, with more than 10 years of experience in juridical consulting.
He pursues responsible Best Practice, always seeking solutions in order to harmonize the legal dictates with the philosophy and the needs of the client.He is specialized on contract law, civil and corporate law.


Djamila Feijo Coelho da Graça

Djamila Feijo Coelho da Graça

  • graduated in biology with a specialization on Ecologics and Environmental Policy
  • participation in several environmental and cultural projects
  • real estate agent at Ètica (2008-2012)
  • real estate agent at JTaveres (2012-2014)
  • founding member of Boavista Consultoria Imobiliária in Rio de Janeiro in 2014
  • focused on commercial properties, specifically larger lots and areas for incorporation
  • Homepage: www.boavistaimoveisrj.com.br

Israel Lincoln

“My name is Israel Lincoln, 22 years old, self-taught, born in Minas Gerais. At the age of 20, I decided to go to Santa Catarina intuitively in search of higher quality of life. After several volunteering activities, courses and experiences, I met incredible people and places that made me sure that Santa Catarina was the best choice of my life. I am currently an entrepreneur and I work with investments in rural properties for ecological projects in the State of Santa Catarina.”

Israel Lincoln is a professional fotographer and drone pilot, specialized on drone and video imaging. We will continuously post videos from him in the News Section, showing the beautiful and incredible landscape of Santa Catarina. Furthermore he provides services in the following areas:

* Business Investment Visa Consultant
* Real Estate Broker
* Real Estate Drone Photographer
* Real Estate Market Research and Analysis

He is an English Speaker Licensed Real Estate Broker based in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, living and administering his own land in the countryside, which makes him able to work remotely with the Investor Visa while managing his property in person.

Web-Address: https://www.relocatebrazil.com/

His corresponding blog: https://www.relocatebrazil.com/blog

Video Teaser of Santa Catarina: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jmS-HiTHU0arE_oGzpjGg

New Videos:

Abraham Neufeld is a Canadian who has spent over 20 years working overseas, namely in Brasil, as a Recruiter of Physicians to Canada and later as the founder of Abeint Conultancy Services. Abeint.com. His team of Lawyers, Federal and Real-Estate agents and such are more than equipped to aid any client when it comes to immigrating or investing in Brasil and even Paraguay. What sets Abram’s company apart from the rest is his speedy solutions to almost any problem and his caring attitude to the immigrant, as he himself is one he ca familiarize with their needs. Don’t hesitate to contact Abeint.com today for your overseas solutions.

Homepage Link: https://abeint.com/

US Partners


  • Fabio Meli joins Hahn & Partner International Consulting Brazil in 2019, as a leading consultant in marketing and new business development for both H&PICB’s national and international markets. With over 14 years experience in international product sales, and applying a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning, Fabio will be a welcome addition to our team.
  • Simultaneously, Fabio is a Sales Director of Rota Free Inc., based in Chicago, where he leads corporate business development and new client systems. He is involved in exploring sales opportunities within the US, Brazil & Canada.
  • From 2010 through 2015, Fabio was the Director of Operation for FIMM USA Inc., managing essential functions of FIMM USA’s business presence in the United States with revenues in excess of $20 million. In addition, Fabio was a leading member of the Acquisition and the Licensing/Business Development teams, where he led the project valuation, due diligence, and negotiation processes, resulting in future revenue projections of over $50 million.
  • Previous to this, Fabio held various positions as International Sales & Marketing Consulting, Manager of Business Development, and Trade Sales Manager for startup companies in Europe and Americas.
  • Fabio Meli holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing & International Business, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Politics. He is native Italian, married to a Brazilian and speaks fluently English and Portuguese languages.


Seasoned sales professional with more than 23 years’ experience representing a wide variety of footwear lines across United States/Canada and Europe

Proven track record of success having successfully launched several new lines through network of strong, established industry relationships

  • Assist clients with property sales and development
  • Hold open house inspections, instructing clients on best practices for selling success and liaising between renters/owners and prospective buyers for property inspections
  • Preparation of legal documents including listings and sales contracts
  • Provide legal, economic and market advice to prospective clients
  • Liaise with lenders, home inspectors and pest controllers prior to contract negotiations
  • Ensuring terms and conditions of agreements are met
  • Maintaining and liaising with clients, building relationships with clients to encourage returning business
  • Coordinate property closings and overseeing document signing
  • Analyze market trends to determine competitive market prices
  • https://jonathanlorber.keyes.com/


Guntis graduated from Boston University with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration and has a diverse international business background. He has obtained his ABR & TRC real estate designations in addition to his LSS-Leading Real Estate Certified Sales Specialist. He is also a member of the VIP Executive Club.

Guntis has lived in Naples since 2005 and his experience in the area, coupled with the tremendous resources at VIP Realty Group will guarantee that he will find the right home for his clients. Guntis’ goal is to help his clients realize their home dreams in the Paradise that is SW Florida. He treats every potential client as he would his own family and listens to what their home want and needs are first and then does what he needs to help them realize that goal.

-Has ABR & TRC designations

-LSS-Leading RE Certified Sales Specialist

-Member of VIP Executive Club

-Fluent in Latvian

-Member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors, and the Naples Area Board of Realtors.


German Partners

Hans Peter Zahn studied German Tax Law at the Fachhochschule (FH) Ludwigsburg – Hochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung und Finanzen – from 1998 – 2001. He graduated in September 2001 as Diplom-Finanzwirt and worked  at a bigger tax advice company in Chemnitz, Germany. In 2005 he certified as a tax adviser – at this time as one of the youngest in Germany. He continued working as free staff member of the company, while supervising his own mandates in Oelsnitz and from 2019 on in Chemnitz. He has international experience. For example, he is registered for agent services in the United Kingdom. When it comes to real estate transactions in Brazil and the repatriation of funds he can provide tax assistance.

Homepage: http://sbzahn.de/

Artisans and Craftsmen

This recent subsection was added in order to present and recommend outstanding artisans and craftsmen related to construction and renovation works in specific regions in Brazil. Clients and Visitors of our homepage may feel free to contact them directly. Real Estate Brazil does not charge any kind of commission or referral fee from Artisans and Craftsmen.

Edilson José da Silva

Biography and Activities:

Edilson José da Silva is focussed in plaster work (stucco) and has been active in the market for over 30 years, always working with excellence and well evaluated by his customers.


Lining: inverted, tabbed, straight, smooth, among others; smooth plaster; decoration; frame; molding: island molding, round molding, open molding, S-shaped molding, among others.

Work Region: Greater São Paulo.

Illustrations of his work: https://vsco.co/gesso-vr


Whatsapp: +55 11 97110 1705 (portuguese, english and german)

Phone: +55 11 96842 6307 (portuguese only)