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Modern Quality Apartment in Maceió with 3 bedrooms and 146 m² built area



Upscale Apartment Maceió including 3 bedrooms and 146 m² constructed area in prime location.

General Description and Factsheet:

This three (3) bedroom apartment is well located in one of the best neighborhoods called Ponta verde,  near the supermarket, bakery, pharmacies, schools as well as other amenities of daily life. In the proximity there is also the famous beach of Ponta Verde. It is located Rua Sandoval Arroxelas 927. There is a living room, 3 bedrooms (2 suites), social bathroom, kitchen, service area, an additional bathroom for the housemaid. The total  living area is 77 m² and the additional utility area 69 m², totaling 146 m² constructed area. There is also a parking lot dedicated to the apartment.

Deed Number 65710, 1. Registro Geral de Imoveis Maceió.

Location/Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/3NycSF91GheJxMmC7

IPTU: 608 R$ per month

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About Ponta Verde, Maceió and Surroundings:

The neighborhood and beach of Ponta Verde  is located in the southern part of Maceió, capital city of Alagoas, state of Brazil. A tip of land that rises out of the sea and is covered by green palm trees. This is the phenomenon that gave its name to one of the most frequented beaches in Maceió. In the past, it housed one of the most famous symbols of the city, “The Rhea Neck”, a palm tree whose trunk resembled a rhea’s neck. It was located near the present Yacht Club Alagoas (Clube Alagoinha). The reefs form natural pools and it is very common, during low tides, to see tourists bathing in these pools, especially near the lighthouse. There are some stands with live music, bars, restaurants, snack bars, and hotels.

Ponta Verde is endowed by a tropical climate, with warm to hot temperatures and high relative humidity all throughout the year. However, these conditions are relieved by a near absence of extreme temperatures and pleasant trade winds blowing from the ocean. January is the warmest month, with mean maximum of 31 °C and minimum of 22 °C; July experiences the coolest temperatures, with means of 26 °C and 15 °C. The absolute maximum and minimum are respectively 33 °C and 11.3 °C. Additional information on request.

Official and Municipal Information:

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Upscale Apartment Maceió

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