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Real Estate Complex with Apartments, Restaurants and Museum in Canavieiras



General Description (descritivo português mediante solicitação) -Property Canavieiras

On offer is a historic, traditional and completely renovated complex of apartments, restaurants, shops and museum in Canavieiras / Bahia. The real estate package consists of 9 apartments (Lofts / Residencias), 8 shops (Galeria do Porto), 7 restaurants and 1 museum, spread over 10 neighboring colonial buildings. The prospective buyer thus acquires the ownership of the larger part of the sitio historico (historical beach mile) of Canavieiras. The properties are in a good condition, with complete and up-to-date documentation (RGI / escritura). The purchase price is significantly below the market price.

The property package is composed of:

9 apartments:

– Loft Coronel,

– Residencia Chris,

– Loft Armazem,

– Loft Galeria,

– Loft Marlin 1,

– Loft Marlin 2,

– Loft Marlin 3,

– Loft Marlin 4,

– Loft 7 Portas

8 Souvenir Shops Galeria do Porto

7 Restaurants:

– Pizzaria Le Bistro,

– Petisco Bar Chuva de Ouro,

– Canes e Bebes,

– Canes Sushi,

– Receptivo Makaira,

– Restaurante Sete Portas,

– Restaurante do Porto 1 Fishermen’s Reception Bureau: Sorveteria Milk Shake Mix

1 museum: Galeria do Porto 1 small house with garage, barn

On request we send you a detailed exposé with the description of all apartments, museums and restaurants.

Google Coordinates (estimated): https://www.google.com/maps/-15.6833501,-38.9461299,17.34


The entire documentation in order, with escritura publica and Matricula.

Further Considerations

The sales price is negotiable. Counter offers will be analyzed and taken into consideration.

Documentation can be sent on request.

We accompany clients during the whole sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Additional Information about Canavieiras and Surroundings:

  • General and Weather Information: https://allthecities.com/cities/canavieiras
  • Official and Municipal Information/Townhall: http://www.canavieiras.ba.gov.br/
  • About the airport in Canavieiras: http://www.emsampa.com.br/aeroportos/bahia_canavieiras.htm


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