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Developed Farm with 120 ha in Minas Gerais



Developed Farm Minas Gerais with 120 ha, for animal husbandry and rich agriculture

General Description:

The Fazenda is located in Bocaina de Minas, about 40 km from Resende, 150 km from Juiz de Fora and about 60 km from Fernao Dias – at the following exact location/coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/nCgM4wpFaKn8NSqw6

It is situated in a very temperate climate, with average summer temperatures of 20 degrees (see annexed climate diagrams).

The farm has in total 120 ha, with 61 ha of braquiarao and 12 ha of napie, 17 mineral water sources, 2 small rivers (creeks), waterfall, historical grain mill, main house/headquarters with 3 bedrooms, new additional detached house with 1 bedroom, new chicken coop for 1300 hens, two styes for up to 20 pigs, new kennel for up to 6 dogs.

There are current plantations of sweet potatoes, lettuce, lemon and clove – 100 % organic. Due to the rather cold waters, the farm is also suited for cultivation of grapes. Furthermore, it has a high aptitude for animal husbandry (cattle, sheep, goats, chickens).

The farm can also be used as touristic destination and be developed to a touristic eco-resort.

Further Considerations – Developed Farm Minas Gerais:

All Documentation ok, including escritura publica and RGI.

The assessed value of the farm is 2.000.000 R$, however it is sold at 1.400.000 R$. It is further sold in a complete state, that is furnished and with all equipment/machinery. A technical appraisal can be sent on request.

In the annex you can find several pictures as well as climate diagrams of the immediate region.

Official Information about Bocaina de Minas:

Detailed information about the agricultural sector in Brazil, analysis and literature you can find here.


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