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Agricultural Farm in Maranhão with 5.894 ha with ample water sources



Agricultural Farm Maranhão: Fazenda with 5.894 ha total area, 4.000 ha usable, with high productivity and water sources

General Description and Summary:

The fazenda for sale here is composed of actually three separate entities – the Fazenda Canãa, Fazenda Cachoeira and the Fazenda Tiririca – that have been joined together to form a larger farm. It is situated in the municipality of Balsas, in the North-Eastern state of Maranhão.

The single farms have the following sizes:

  • 608 ha
  • 1.736 ha
  • 3.550 ha
  • Total of all farms: 5.894 ha

The usable (Arable) land is 4.000 ha. The Legal reserve area is 1.896 ha.
The farm is georeferenced and registered with INCRA.

Irrigation capacity with pivots in daily maneuvers of 117 hectares
Values of the harvests of the last 05 years, in tons:
2015: 3,300 tons of annual average.
2016: 3,500 tons of annual average.
2017: 3,700 tons of annual average.
2018: 3,750 tons of annual average.
2019: 3,800 tons of annual average.
2020: 3,844 tons of annual average.

There are several Semi-Artesian wells with 9,000 liters per hour to supply the headquarters, then there are 5 artesian wells for the pivots, a Reservoir with a dam that supplies the central pivots of 16,000 m3.

The main crop on the farm are soybeans, the secondary crop (in between main harvests) is corn.

Infrastructure and Improvements on the Farm:

  • Three-phase energy.
  •  A central pivot of 85 hectares.
  • A 92-hectare central pivot equipped with the latest generation technology (Lindsay year 2019).
  • Headquarters with 4 ha all fenced
  • 24-hour monitoring installation, with 7 latest generation cameras, UPS, DVR.
  • Shed in metallic structure measuring 20×40 with zinc cover, non-slip floor and concrete block walls.
  • Closed workshop plus balcony measuring 8×12 meters.
  • Fuel tank with cement structure for 6,000 liters
  • Masonry caretaker’s house, all painted and tiled.
  • Accommodation for a total of (15) employees in tiled masonry, with a complete cafeteria including a furnished flat for a manager, two laundries, balconies on both sides, male and female bathrooms.
  • Orchard with numerous coconut, lemon, cashew, guava, mango, lime, avocado and acerola trees.
  • Complete aviary with capacity for 200 birds.

Additional Details on request.

Further Considerations:

All documentation up to date and available (certidoes, CCIR, completely georeferenced).

Detailed information about the agricultural sector in Brazil, analysis and literature you can find here.

Agricultural Farm Maranhão

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