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High level Pousada with 9.500 m² land in Corumbau, breath-taking location



Upscale Pousada Corumbau: Ample Land Plot with 5 complete apartments and romantic, untouched nature, dream location

On offer is a panoramic pousada (Pousada Villa Segovia) with approximately 9,500 m² of land, 5,000 m² of this area consisting of mainly of sand soils, while  the remaining land is marsh land (preserved in its original nature state) where houses on pelotis and wooden bridges can be built respecting nature and not harming the environment. There are 5 apartments in total, being 1 Chalé and 4 separate single-bedroom apartments.

Corumbau is about 51 km from the village of Guarani, 62 km from Itamaraju, 80 km from Prado, about 8 km from the tip of Corumbau and about 9 km from the famous Barra do Cahy- The tip of Corumbau is a very rare geological phenomenon, only a few formations on the planet with these characteristics. The tranquility of the waters due to the protection of corals is impossible to describe.  There are 17 km of virtually unexplored beaches in the vicinity.Nearest Airports:

(1) Teixeira de Freitas – 130 to 160 km from Corumbau, the last 50 km being a dirt road.

(2) Porto Seguro – 220 km, the last 50 km being a dirt (non-paved) road.

General Climate in Corumbau: The climate variation is minor throughout the year. Between June and September the nights are generally cool — and in July and August the days will be a little shorter.
It’s a beach at any time of the year: just have the sun. As in all of the South of Bahia, the rains are well distributed over all months. The most common is to get the sun and a little rain in any season.

About Corumbau and Surroundings:

The premise spread by fishermen, Pataxó Indians, owners of bars and restaurants and employees of inns spreads the idea that, in the Tupi-Guarani dialect, Corumbau “is the most distant place from everything”. The 15-kilometer-long stretch of sand overhanging a sea of ​​three colors and a wall of coconut trees offers an irrefutable invitation to isolation from the world. In (good) company, of course, typical food and beverages and a handcrafted beach structure set up by thatched bungalows, wooden deck chairs and futtons printed with colorful cheetah patterns.
The sea is blue and green, on sunny days, and coffee with milk, on windy and rainy days, which is very rare — warns Goinha Santos from Bahia, owner of Canal do Pampo, a restaurant with a reputation for serving the best octopus rice in the region.
Access to Ponta do Corumbau, district of Prado, requires willingness — which will be rewarded in the first minute of your stay. The most common route is through Porto Seguro, from where you embark on a second trip by transfer or bus lasting four hours (60km of unpaved road). Another option is to fly to Teixeira de Freitas (there is only one daily flight, always with a stopover) and to the Corumbau Marine Extractive Reserve.
Source: Corumbau Archives – Vila Naiá (vilanaia.com.br)

Upscale Pousada Corumbau

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