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Private Single Family Home with Panoramic view and 173 m² Living Space in Paraty



Panoramic Home Paraty: single family home, 173 m² living area, condominium, 4 suites, ample living room

General Description and Features:

For sale is a home that distinguishes itself not only by its quality of construction, but also by its private, yet easily accessible location with a spectacular view. It is located in the district of Praia Grande, Paraty.

When I visited the property what had the largest impact on me was the general setting of the property, hard to describe by mere words – a conjoint mixture of modernity and coziness, accompanied by fantastic views and an idyllic, almost bucolic, natural setting – despite its proximity to Paraty.  In the house itself, there is natural lighting in almost all environments and, of course, the fact of being surrounded by mountains and a surreal view of the sea increases this quality of life.
On the first floor there is a large air-conditioned living room, 2 bedroom suites also with air conditioning, all rooms with closets, social bathroom, kitchen with custom cabinets, balcony with sea front deck, a spectacular mezzanine with a rotating staircase, a laundry, toilet and pantry .
On the ground floor, there are 2 bedrooms (suites), a sink, an island type stove, bathroom and another room with a gourmet space to enjoy with the family.
That is, in winter or summer you have a very pleasant environment to enjoy, as it has a solar panel and electric heater.

Visits of the property can be scheduled at your convenience. The documentation is 100 % in order and up to date, with all taxes paid and a regular deed (escritura).

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Further Information about Paraty and Surroundings:

Paraty  is a coastal historic town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was first settled by the Portuguese in 1667. Its old churches, cobbled streets and nearby forests, waterfalls, islands and emerald-green sea attract lots of tourists interested in mixing cultural tourism and more natural settings. Paraty became UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2019 (see the News Section of this site with additional information).

Panoramic Home Paraty


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