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Private Home with Soccer Training Center and 13.000 m² land near Florianopolis

R. Assis Brasil, 1699 - Ponta de Baixo, São José - SC, 88104-200, Brazil


Private Home near Florianopolis: large land area with 13.277 m², luxury home, 2 soccer fields and training center, in São José

General Description:

This unique property, reuniting residential and sports-oriented characteristics, is located in the municipality of São José, a neighbourhood with one of the highest standards of living in Brazil and part of the metropolitan area of Florianopolis. It offers stunning vistas and beautiful beaches, but also stands out in the technological, food, metal mechanics and civil construction industries, being one of the ten most proportionally verticalized cities in Brazil.

The entire land area can be sub-divided into several smaller lots:

A1 with 1,062.57 m²
A2 with 630 m²
A3 with 721 m²
A4 with 1143 m²
A5 with 900.89 m²
Total urban land area: 4,457.46 m²
Total marine land area: 8,820 m²
Total land area (urban + marine): 13,277.46 m²

On the property you can find a training center equipped with two barbecue grills, two soccer courts, and two rooms for festivities. In addition, the site also has a small house (next to the soccer field) and a large house (380 m²) with swimming pool and an exclusive soccer field (the land is separated from the training center).

Private Home: built in 2000 / Land area: 2550 m² / Built area: 350 m²
Party rooms, barbecues, small houses and changing rooms: Built in 2010 / Total built area: 624.55 m²

Exact Location: Rua Assis Brasil, 1699, Ponta de Baixo

The documentation is up to date and in order. The single landplots are registered at the notary´s office (public deed, with register – in Brazil referred to as “escritura publica com RGI”.) The documentation can be sent and analyzed on request.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Additional Information about São José:

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