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Macadamia Farm near São Paulo with 75 ha and high productivity



Macadamia Farm Brazil: in Itapira, Sao Paulo state, highly productive macademia farm, near Campinas, serving domestic and international market

General Description:

This unique farm is located in the municipality of Itapira, in the state of São Paulo. It is called “Sitio das Palmeiras”, located 70 km from Campinas, which is one of the largest industrial and residential centers in the state. There you can find companies such as Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Basf,Tetrapack, Sherwin Williams and more than 63 other multinationals. Additionally Campinas has got a high technology center that with UNICAMP, University of Campinas endorse a Technological hub for banks and nanotechnology center. There is also a high degree of development in the medical and petroleum areas. Furthermore it is quite near Paulinia, which is 10 km away and It is one of the cities that has the largest refinery in the State of S.Paulo. Campinas is also served by Viracopos airport from where cargo and passenger flights depart and arrive.
Itapira is about 70 km from Campinas at the junction for the State of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, its population is 75.000 inhabitants (2020). It is a city whose aptitude is agriculture since the 1930’s when coffee was of importance to the country’s economy. It is also a notable center for industries of agricultural equipment as well as dairy, toys (Estrela) and metallurgy.
The good location and the appropriate climate for the planting of macadamia nuts transforms the property into a highly attractive investment, as already mentioned, the proximity of urban centers such as São Paulo (125km), Belo Horizonte (390km), Rio de Janeiro (375km) and Curitiba (400km) are crucial for the despatch of production.
As it also made perfect sense to plant macadamia nuts in a subtropical climate as Australians do, to be on the same latitude in the globe.
When the first quantities started to be processed, all the equipment in the industry was already being dimensioned for a monthly production of 1,500t/month of macademia nuts.
Equipment such as conveyors, sieves, dehydrators and machines for vacuum packaging were being acquired as the demand of the domestic market was defined.
As for the market that Macadamia Brasilis has developed, it serves the capital, São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Brasilia. In recent times the export to China in the form of (NIS) Nut in Shell has been the biggest consumer. The containers are loaded on the property and leave sealed for the port of Santos (177km).
The concern to develop the plantation with productive varieties brought from Australia and South Africa was very important, as was the formation of its own nursery in order not to depend on seedling suppliers to complete the production area and at the same time to supply seedlings for the farm and for the nursery market.

Details about the Property and Business:

Equipment (Selection):

1 tractor Type 4709 MF 4×4 year 2019
1 tractor Type 275 MF 4×4 year 2007
1 1,500 lt year 2017 KO sprayer
1 Jet Sprayer 600 Lt. year 2021
1 spray bar
1 ACJ Brushcutter of 1.30 mt.
1 wooden cart for 1.5T
1 air compressor 220v
3 Drying silos with a capacity of 9 T
1 Drying silo with a capacity of 24 T
2 Silos for storage with a capacity of 8 T each
1 Macadamia peeler with a capacity of 400kg/h
1 Size selection vibrating table with 1.5 hp engine
1 Size selection table with ¼ hp engine
1 Dry van for storage 1T capacity
1 country well
1 artesian well with 4,000lt/h capacity

Location: https://maps.apple.com/place?auid=5643991886734943824&ll=-22.417783,-46.778952&lsp=7618&q=Alfinete%20Fixado&_ext=EiYp4/24/fKVNsAxYmafxyhxR8A5oaLqVzpJNsBBsHJoke1OR8BQDA%3D%3D&t=h


The property is completely documented, with escritura publica. Visits of the property can be scheduled at anytime. The CCIR can be sent on request.

We at Real Estate Brazil accompany clients during the sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Our partners at Campedelli Advogados (São Paulo) also provide legal assistance (documentation, funds transfer, investor´s visa)


  1. This property is exclusively for sale, not for rental of any kind.
  2. It is recommended that prospective buyers conduct a visit of the property with a subsequent diligence in order to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase. It is however expected that the prospective client has the necessary financial means to purchase. It is important to note that Brazilian banks or in general financial institutions do not give, under any circumstances, loans or mortgages to foreigners. Also, it is very rare that European or American banks concede loans or mortgages for purchasing real estate in Brazil. It is thus indispensable to have the proper capital in order to effectuate a purchase.
  3. The buyer/investor does not pay any kind of commission to the realtor in Brazil – the commission is strictly the responsability of the seller. However, the buyer is responsible for paying the notary costs as well as the ITBI (Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis – the property transfer tax) which ranges, depending on the state, between 2 – 3 %.



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