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High Class Private Home with 360 Degree Panoramic View in Santo Amaro



Luxury Private Home on 2150 sqm land, with 735 sqm constructed area and a 360 Degree Panoramic View in Santo Amaro, in the south of São Paulo

Description and Features: We present a private residence, inside a closed condominium in the residential district of Praia da Lagoa, alongside of a 5 lake Reservoir of Guarapiranga, in the District of Santo Amaro, South of São Paulo, 10 minutes from Centro Empresarial and of Panamerica Park, near a main Subway Station named Linha Lilas  of the CPTM. Placed on the highest point of the Reservoir, it offers a beautiful view of the big city of São Paulo and the Reservoir lakes. A densely wooded & forested place, it holds a clear access to the waters of the reservoir, near an exclusive club owned by the district villagers.

A) Land area: 2.152,43 m²

B) Constructed area: 35,30 m²

c) Basement 154,46 m²

d) Ground 186,28 m²

e) First floor 144,04 m²

f) Marquee 8,40 m²

g) Auto shelter 36,27 m²

h) Third floor 51,70 m²

i) Edícula (Basement) 39,66 m²

J) Edícula (Ground) 114,49 m²

Total Area: 735,30 m²

Projected area:

1.Garage for cars 112 m²

2.Barbecue area 77 m ²

3.Swiming pool area 374 m ²

Total: 563 m ²

Detailed Property Description:

Top Floor:

Two suites including dressing rooms and two bedrooms with a bathroom (2 Jacuzzi built-in luxury bath tubs), all facing a beautiful view of the reservoir. A big Attic and a 360º Observation Deck on top. Furthermore there is a Panasonic ultimate PABX with 6 lines and 16 branches. Additionally there are 2 electro heaters 200 l and one gas back up heater.

Ground Floor:

Entrance hall, drawing room with a fire place, dining room, terrace, guest suite, morning coffee place and integrated scullery, kitchen, food pantry & laundry room; alongside with external contiguous service areas with ample built-in closets for storage of cleaning and gardening products.

Bottom Floor:

Party room includes a big fireplace, a complete bar & kitchenet, cellar & toilet, barbecue place, big terrace, suspended big swimming pool; food pantry; integrated sauna & pool dressing room and a complete suite for guest hosting..

Below Pool Area:

Machinery room, Workers changing room & bathroom,  Big space for a non yet implemented academy room.


Ample gardens with lots of flowers, centenary trees, many fruit trees, with the expressive presence of the native fauna – like Toucans, wild parakeets, many varieties of wood peckers, wild ducks, hawks, small little monkeys & others. Paved sidewalk for access to the condo´s private owned club & multi-sports court, the house boat, hoist & cable winch, anchored pontoon and finally the 5 lake reservoir with access to over 5 sailing and sports clubs.  English Sailing Club, German Sailing Club, São Paulo Sports Club, São Paulo Yacht Club  & Others).


There are Two Offices & kitchenet, Two bathrooms, terrace and a full kitchen.

Floor below, Two rooms & bathroom


Materials Used in Construction:

8 reinforced armed concrete pillars 8 mts. long and 1 mt wide used as bed plates for the house,

Four 12 mt concrete pillars X 1 mt wide for the swimming pool,

Concrete bed plate for the first floor,

House of solid brick & concrete,

Mahogany great sized  windows with 8mm platted glass, (42 windows)

Solid mahogany external doors,

Safety solid mahogany internal doors,

Internal 30mm Mahogany reinforced plywood doors,

Jacuzzi bath tubs

PABX Panasonic, 4 phone lines & 16 branches, communication system,

Monitored DHC Safe Control alarm system, with electro mechanic door protection and infrared detection.

On line CFC 8 camera surveillance recording system.

Five thousand liters water reservoir,

Two 200 liter heater system & one back up 200  gas heating system,

Coca Cola water filter system to purify water,

Small food lift for service in big parties  (fm kitchen to party room).

Imported American Kitchen, Bar & Bathroom Cabinets, with marble tops. GE kitchen ware.

General District Viewing

A bubble of splendorous nature, with an incredible view and fresh air, yet in frantic business of São Paulo.

Near the Centro Empresarial de São Paulo, Transamerica Expocenter, Alfa Theater, Panamerica Park Business Center.

At 10 km tenants will comfortably reach Congonhas Airport and in 10 minutes one can reach a main subway line (Linha Lilás)

Again, a surprising side of São Paulo, with a vivid environmental climate of mountains and  beach, and a back yard uncovering an infinite horizon.  A working and leisure place where you can sit back, relax and reorganize after a hard working day.  Five sailing clubs within a radius of 5 km from the property and numerous important business centers and corporate headquarters, to which we can add no less than 5 nearby shopping malls.

Coming & Going:

An automobile would be the best way to move around in the region in spite of it being well served by taxis, Uber & Bus lines which integrates with the Subway Station on the Marginal Pinheiros, a major city avenue.

Further Considerations

Documentation can be sent on request and personal visits of the property can also be scheduled any time.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Visits of the property can be scheduled any time with 2 days of advance planning.

Additional Information about Santo Amaro and Surroundings:

Luxury Private Home

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