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Unique Luxury Estate in Florianopolis with 1600 sqm living area on a huge 30 ha Landplot



Unique Luxury Estate Florianopolis – Impressive Private Home in a Panorama environment with 1640 sqm living area and 30 ha land.

General Description and Features:

This magnificent real estate, constructed in 2004 according to highest standards, is composed of 5 suites, 7 bathrooms, living rooms, storage and additional rooms. There are parking opportunities (garage) for up to 8 cars. It has been constructed on a stunning piece of land, with 312.280,55 m², within a fantastic natural context and benefitting of spectacular sunsets. There is also an additional caretaker´s or guest house with 150 sqm.

It is situated in one of Florianopolis´ best districts, Ribeirão da Ilha, a district that unites excellent infra-structure with a paradisiacal nature.

A river passes very close by the house – all the water originates from the river. There is also a spring on the land. Although the house is perfectly connected to the public water supply, the owners never needed to recur to that.
It was originally used also for horse riding – stables (6 bay stables) are still present on the property. The property has also access points for helicopters (which regularly land there).

The property can be considered unique in the state of Santa Catarina.

It is only 6 km from the new international airport.
It has also a great commercial potential – for example there exists the possibility to transform it into a boutique hotel, luxury inn or restaurant. It is, for example, possible to construct an additional 4 suites in the house, and on the land in general 13.000 m² can be additionally constructed.

The property has a public deed (escritura publica), all regular and in order, including RGI (Registro Geral de Imoveis).

A topographical map as well as a viability study is available. The documentation, including the matricula, can be sent on request.

The asking price has been defined by the british owner in BRL – 12.000.000 R$, which considering the excellent quality of the house, its location and the characteristics of the estate represents an excellent opportunity.

Additionally, you will find several pictures added to this exposé which show the property, but also the location accordingly. There is also a video in the video section. Additional note: the video refers to 1400 m² which is not correct and represents an error. We do apologize for that:

Coordinates: Latitude: 27°43’35”, Longitude: 48°33’41”

A kmz-file of the property can be sent on request.

Additional Information about Florianopolis and Surroundings:

Ribeirão da Ilha is a district of the city of Florianópolis, capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. It was created in 1809.

It can be considered as the central area, the culmination point of Santa Catarina Island: the Morro do Ribeirão with 532 m altitude. From the top it is possible to unveil the Southern Bay, part of the Sertão do Peri and the mountains of the extreme south of the Cambirela massif, on the continent, in all their fullness.

The district stands out as the largest oyster producer in Brazil.
It is the second oldest district of Florianópolis, after Santo Antônio de Lisboa. There are preserved traditions such as the Feast of Our Lady of Lapa, the production of bobbin lace, canoes and whales, balaios and liana baskets.

The historic center, seat of the former Parish, is one of the oldest nuclei of Azorean colonization, founded in the mid-eighteenth century. The scenery is an expression of Portuguese colonial architecture, consisting of terraced houses, lined on the Baldicero Filomeno Highway and around Hermínio Silva Square, where is located the Church of Our Lady of Lapa, Parish Cathedral.

The village square and church are particularly beautiful.  The village is also listed as a “ Gastronomic Route” with many restaurants in addition to the Ostradamus to choose from.

It is also important for any buyer to realise that because of its geography, basically a rising hill from the coastal road, the area will never be exploited for excessive building.  Much of the land  is Mata Atlantica and as such Preservação Permanente which can never be built on.   Any client can therefore feel assured that the beauty and peace of this are will be maintained.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

The price can be negotiated. Visits can be scheduled anytime.

Please also see this promotional webpage which was specifically created for this beautiful property: https://mansaosuldailha.com.br/

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