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Landplot with a total of 30.000 m² beachfront in Una, Bahia



Beachfront Plot: undeveloped land, 30.000 m², 183 m beachline, building license

For sale is a rare investment opportunity in Una, Bahia, with a total area of 35.000 m² (30.186 m² registered). The entire land area can be subdivided into smaller lots of either 2.012 m², 4.025 m² or 10.062 m². A current price list can be sent on request.

Currently the land is undeveloped, that is without electricity and water. However, there is an official license (IBAMA and the municipality of Una) to built up to 1.500 m².

The beach land plot named « Sitio Aparecida » is a rare & very exclusive investment opportunity in a Real Estate asset, located in Ilha Itapororoca, in Una municipality, in the State of Bahia, in the North-Eastern region of Brazil.

The Brazilian Real Estate market is presently the most promising market in the world, with tremendous potential of development regarding touristic, residential and industrial projects of very high returns. Luxury and prestigious assets are under-developped and the country still offers rare but incredible opportunities of development, such as « Sitio Aparecida ».

The beachfront land plot has a surface of 30’186 m2, and offers 183 meters of private beach on an island called « Itapororoca », next to the world-known Transamerica Resort on Ilha Comandatuba. A private airport is at 9km distance of Itapororoca/Una, with flights from São Paolo (1 hours flight) and Salvador do Bahia (45 minutes), twice a week (Airbus aircrafts).

Future world events such as Soccer World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016 in Brazil secure investment attractivness of the country and constent development of infrastructures. The land is located 950 km North of Rio de Janeiro and 500 km South of Salvador de Bahia.

The Sitio Aparecida beach land plot is still remaining largely undeveloped, with hudge possibilities of development. Like a dream, you just have to realize it – in your own way !

It is composed of 30’186 m² of thin white sand, cocoanuts palm trees, mangrove and located in one of the richest biodiversity of vegetation in the World.

There is a wide variety of fruits trees, such as Mangotrees, Bananatrees, Limontrees, Maracujatrees (passion fruits), Pinapletrees, Orangetrees, Papayatrees.

Investment opportunities in this region are very rare because of newly protected areas: In the North: the Indian reserve (Tapinamba community, New), in the West: the UNA park – one of the world´s richest biodiversity areas (UNSECO World Heritage site, 1999), and in the South: the RESEX (fishermen reserve, 2006).

Local Access:

By Helicopter (to be developped):

From Ilhéus Airport or Comdandatuba Airport, there is a direct access to Ilha Itapororoca via private helicopter flights. A private heliport is now in construction*, located directly on the Ilha Itapororoca at approximately 500 meters from the beach land plot « Aparecida ».

By car (4×4):

The road from Comandatuba village to Ilah Itapororoca is private. It is a 12 km long and sandy road, which passes through farm fields, wild rain forests and palm trees. In winter, during the rain season (June-August), the road is difficult to practice and needs 4×4 cars use.

The use of the road from Comandatuba village to the Land is not very comfortable, and the trip is wild and long (45 minutes).

On another land near « Sitio Aoparecida », the owner is building an heliport station based on international standards, for private access by helicopter to the Land. It shortens travel time by 40 minutes from Comandatuba private Airport (5 minutes by helicopter) and by 60 minutes from Ilhéus international airport (15 minutes by helicopter).

In the same time, the land is being cleaned from all existing vegetation, except Cocoanuts and Mango trees. New young and small cocoanut trees have grown up for the last 2 years.

Electricity cables are being installed along the road, leading up to the Land. Existing electricity connections have already been installed to the few neighbours (2) on the island: to Fazenda do Lagoa at the end of the island and to a former owner’s farm (300 meters far away).

Clean water can be extract directly from a groundwater source under the sand (which is filtering) and can be drunk without treatment. Existing engines can be installed easily and quickly to have unlimited drinkable water on site.

Development Projects:

As of the Plano Director of the Una municipality, the « Sitio Aparecida »  is registered under « Urban or Touristic Zone » qualifications. It means:

–  No vegetation closer than 30 meters from the ocean water

–  No building, housing, or any construction closer than 60 meters from the ocean water

–  Respect of environmental rules (IBAMA) regarding the zone

–  Building area represents generally 6’000 m2 (20% of the total area)

To simplify, similar projects of eco-development such as Fazenda do Lagoa (www.fazendadolagoa.com.br) is possbile, without problems. Eco resorts can be constructed as long as environmental rules are respected.

Otherwise, private residential projects (private villas or houses, with terrasse, swimming pool, tennis court, flower garden, fruit trees area, etc. are possible, or even recommended.

Purchase Modalities:

The owner offers different possibilities of purchase, starting from the entire land (100 %, 30.186 m² registered land) at a price of 2.650.000 Euro, down to single lots of 2.354 m² (235.360 Euro each). This can be negotiated upon interest. Further information on request.

The corresponding “Plano Diretor” can be sent on request.



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