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Landplot with 48 ha for Condominium and Residential Construction in Paraná



Landplot Palmeira Paraná:  part of the famous Witmarsum colony, 48 ha, for condo and residential construction

The land is in front of the BR 277, between São Luiz do Prurunã and Palmeira. It is approximately 55 km distant from the capital city Curitiba (1 hours drive to the airport). The distance to the center of the Colonia Witmarsum is about 8 km.

The area offered for sale is a part equivalent to 488,400m² (48.84 hectares), originating from the dismemberment of a total area of 975.6638 hectares, located in the district of Porto Amazonas, Paraná, part of Palmeira next to the BR-277, at Km 148

Coordinates: Latitude: 25°28’52.98″ S; Longitude: 49°48’01.43″ W; Registered in the CAR; CCIR rural property registration code; CIB/NIRF registration; and registration with INCRA.

The BR-277 highway, also known as “Big Road”, is an important federal highway that crosses the state of Paraná (in an east-west direction), connecting the Port of Paranaguá to Ponte de Amizade, in Foz do Iguaçu, border with Paraguay. Passing through important municipalities in Paraná such as the state capital Curitiba, Campo Largo, Palmeira, Irati, Prudentópolis, Guarapuava, Laranjeiras do Sul, Cascavel and Foz do Iguaçu.

The location of the property is in a tourist region, rich in natural beauties and scenic landscapes, strongly encouraged by rural tourism. The region, along with 12 other cities, is part of an APA (Environmental Protection Area) of the Devonian Escarpment formed about 400 million years ago, located in the intersection between the First and Second Plateaus of Paraná, endowed with specific biodiversity and geodiversity , unique aesthetic and cultural features. The existence of these places to maintain the quality of life and well-being of society is fundamental. An APA seeks to guarantee the sustainability in the use of natural resources and the carrying out of sustainable socioeconomic activities in synergy with the conservation of biodiversity, in addition to an unparalleled scenario for tourists.

The property is opposite to one of the entrances to the famous German Colony of Witmarsum, formed by Mennonite Germans, who immigrated from the Frisia region in the 30s, founding the colony in 1951 with the acquisition of the Fazenda Cancela. Colonia Witmarsum is organized into an agricultural cooperative responsible for producing and supplying one of the best milk and a wide variety of cheeses in the region. It also offers many attractions, such as cafes, restaurants with typical German cuisine, with artisanal products such as jams, craft breweries, inns, and various leisure activities such as horseback riding, festivals, and cultural tours to discover and see typical German architecture, with buildings preserved by immigrants in Enxaimel (Fachwerk), in addition to beautiful properties and countryside landscapes.

The property is rich in water and natural beauty, has internal access for vehicles through a dirt road partially covered with gravel, and has an open plateau suitable for use and construction. In addition to having a legal reserve area with native forest. The area is already fenced/delimited on one side and in front of Federal Highway BR 277.

There are several potential uses for the property, mainly aimed at residential and tourist investment, as examples:

Rural/Country residential condominium of high standard (*)
Allotment of farms
Inn, Hotel-Farm, Resort-Rural
Commercial property facing the Highway: Restaurant, Shops, and Gas Station
Eco Theme Park
Gastronomic enterprises, hotels, spas

About the Surrounding Area:

Colonia Witmarsum: https://www.viajali.com.br/colonia-witmarsum/







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General Observations:

  1. This land area is exclusively for sale, not for rental of any kind.
  2. It is strongly advised that interested buyers conduct a visit of the land with a subsequent diligence in order to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase. It is however expected that the prospective client has the necessary financial means to purchase. It is important to note that Brazilian banks or in general financial institutions do not give, under any circumstances, loans or mortgages to foreigners. Also, it is very rare that European or American banks concede loans or mortgages for purchasing real estate in Brazil. It is thus indispensable to have the proper capital in order to effectuate a purchase.
  3. The buyer/investor does not pay any kind of commission to the realtor in Brazil – the commission is strictly the responsability of the seller. However, the buyer is responsible for paying the notary costs as well as the ITBI (Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis – the property transfer tax) which ranges, depending on the state, between 2 – 3 %.


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