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Beautiful Rural Sitio with 6000 m² land between Cunha and Paraty



General Description (descritivo português mediante solicitação/portuguese description on request) – Idyllic Sitio Cunha – a Property with a Cinematic Outlook, only 35 minutes from Paraty

Summary and Fact Sheet:

This rural property  has got a land area of approximately 6000 m². It can be found at -23.1458230, -44.8704280 and is called “Cristina´s Refute”. It is a real estate jewel for those that are looking for an idyllic property embedded in one of the most beautiful regions of São Paulo State.

Certainly one of the outstanding highlights is the beautiful land with flowers and some native trees. The pertaining private home has 100 m² and is supplied by drinking water from a perennial water source. The house is fully furnished, has 2 large bedrooms (suites), living room, pantry, kitchen, toilet and laundry. It has a fireplace, a wood stove with an iron oven and a balcony with panoramic views of the mountains and the enchanting sunset (and for those that like to wake up early – sunrises).
The land at the top has a yard that can be used for parking about 5 cars. At the bottom there is a plateau that has space to build some 3 chalets. There is already a stone-iron wall that divides the bottom and the top and can serve as a wall for future chalets.
Access to the house is easy and is situated 300 meters from the Cunha-Paraty Highway, in a very quiet, safe place with friendly neighbors. In the neighborhood are the best restaurants in Cunha, specializing in pasta, meat, mushrooms and excellent wines. There are excellent cafes close to the property where you can spend peaceful afternoons tasting the local delicacies.
Famous and well known sights are also nearby: Lavandário, Contemplário, Ceramic Ovens and Pedra da Macela. Besides Cachoeira do mato Limpo, which is on Highway 5 km ahead and also the already famous Wolkenburger Brewery.
There are no noises, but just the beautiful sounds of nature – birds during the day, and the flowing of the waterfall at night.

Visits can be arranged at any time. Price subject to negotiation.

We accompany clients during the whole sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

The property is being rented successfully at booking: https://www.booking.com/hotel/br/refugio-cristina.pt-br.html

Concerning Cunha and Surroundings:

The city of Cunha is a quaintly located town in São Paulo state, in proximity to the beaches of Paraty and well accessible by the newly constructed Rodovia Parati-Cunha. Tourism has been added as an economic factor in recent years. In addition to the agricultural zone, there are large natural areas in the community with the tropical rainforest of the Mata Atlântica with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area includes the Serra do Quebra Cangalha Mountains and the Serra da Bocaina as a national park.


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Idyllic Sitio Cunha



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