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Farm with 727 ha total area in Caravelas, Bahia


Farm Caravelas Bahia: 727 ha, beach front15 km from Caravelas, House with 6 Suites, suitability for hotel construction, pousada use, eco resort


For sale is a 727 Fazenda/Farm with ample suitability: as Resort hotel, coconut plantation, real estate development, Eco-Resort – or as large residential property.
The Farm is opposite the largest coral reef in the South Atlantic, about 8 miles from the coast, or 15 minutes by boat.

Located 15 km from Caravelas, a city founded in 1503 by the Portuguese with many colonial houses and welcoming people, the Farm has a private home with six suites, 5 of which have a king-size double bed, and 1 with 2 bunk beds for 4 people, all built of wood.

The house was inaugurated in December 2014, entirely constructed in wood.
At the bottom there are two suites with views of the sea and lake, both with a bathtub on the external balcony, a swing hammock and a table with chairs. In the upper part there are four suites, the main one and the bunk suite have views of the sea and lake. The third suite has a frontal view of the coconut grove and one side of the sea and the other of the sunset, the fourth suite has a view of the countryside and the coconut groves, all with large balconies, hammocks, tables and benches.
The upper part of the house has very high ceilings in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and balconies, the breeze circulates through the house airing all spaces naturally.
A large living room with leather sofas, a rustic wooden table with chairs for 14 people and an outdoor balcony extensively decorated for your comfort is furthermore available.
The pool was built approximately 2 meters above ground level, has different depths, two benches with a jacuzzi, a deck with tables, benches, beach chairs and some coconut trees. Between the pool and the beach there is a large kiosk with a barbecue area, a table for 16 people and a steam room.

About the Region and Surroundings:

A fascinating natural wonder nearby is the Abrolhos Bank, a birthplace of humpback whales, which make this region their nursing and breeding refuge between the months of July and November. It is the most important breeding area for this species in the Western South Atlantic.
As everything there is still very virgin, there are many forests with large trees and all types of birds and animals.

Caravelas airport was renovated and opened in April 2016, only for private flights to land and take off. Built by the Americans during the Second World War, the runways are X-shaped, with the largest being 1,600 meters long and 50 meters wide, which allows any size aircraft to land.
Caravelas is in the extreme south of Bahia, almost on the border with the states of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais. Departing from São Paulo to Caravelas or Teixeira de Freitas on a commercial plane or jet, the estimated flight time is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and from Caravelas airport to the farm is just 15 km away, while Teixeira airport is 85 km away. km.

It is truly a unique area, very rare of ​​this size in Brazil with more than 2 km of seafront, a literal paradise!

The property is ideal for building a resort and condominium, possibly a resort at the front, and the condominium at the back, remembering that the airport is only 25 km from the property.

We assist and guide clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

Additional Observations:

  1. This farm is not for rental or lease of any kind, but exclusively for sale
  2. It is recommended that interested buyers make a visit of the property with a proper diligence in order to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase. We politely expect that the prospective client has the necessary financial means to purchase. It is important to note that Brazilian banks or in general financial institutions do not give, under any circumstances, loans or mortgages to foreigners. Also, it is very rare that European or American banks concede loans or mortgages for purchasing real estate in Brazil. It is thus indispensable to have the proper capital in order to effectuate a purchase.
  3. The buyer/investor does not pay any kind of commission to the realtor in Brazil – the commission is strictly the responsability of the seller. However, the buyer is responsible for paying the notary costs as well as the ITBI (Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis – the property transfer tax) which ranges, depending on the state, between 2 – 3 %.



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