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Farm in the Serra da Mantiqueira with 2780 ha total area and 6 mineral water sources



Fazenda Serra da Mantiqueira: 2780 ha, 6 mineral water sources, near Campos do Jordão, stunning natural setting


The Farm has an area of 2780 ha, located at the border between the municipalities of Campos do Jordão and Pindamonhangaba. It is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira and it is an Environmental Preservation Area under the responsibility of ICMBio. It has a stunning natural beauty with a diversity of scenic landscapes, native forests (Atlantic Forest – Mata Atlantica), abundance of mineral water and very rich fauna.

Due to tits altitude, the winter time in Serra da Mantiqueira has low temperatures, with the occurrence of fog in the early morning and frequent frosts, giving the landscape the appearance of a cold climate region.

Inserted in the Atlantic Forest biome, the predominant vegetation on the farm is composed of a closed forest, very green and humid, full of fig trees, ferns, bromeliads, orchids, juçara palm, peroba and jacaranda. From an altitude of 1,000 meters, araucarias, imbuias and cedars appear, icons of the region.

There are six different mineral water sources on the property. The subterranean waters are passing through several mineral-rich rocks endowing the water with unique characteristics, commercially being used by several companies.

The property is recognized as a hydromineral resort. It has more than 15 waterfalls (all accessible), whose waters are famous for their
therapeutic qualities and mild  temperatures throughout the year.

Among the natural attractions there are the viewpoints for the cities in the region, such as Pindamonhangaba and Taubaté.  With the aim of promoting ecotourism, there are several trails on the property giving possibilities to mountain biking, horse riding, mountaineering, hiking, trails off
road and motorcycle trails, guaranteeing great opportunities for family outings and friends.


About the Serra da Mantiqueira in general:

Serra da Mantiqueira is one of the most significant orographic environments in Brazil, in addition
to be considered one of the great reserves of water on the planet, both in its quality and quantity available for use. This region
presents large forest remnants, protecting cliffs and mountains, considered to be of the utmost importance for conservation and preservation.
It also provides ample opportunities for Outdoor´s activities, all in tandem with ecological and natural sustainability.

Documentation can be sent on request and inspections scheduled at any time. Up to date information (economics, climate, new developments) about the region can be found in the News section: https://real-estate-brazil.com/news-brazil/



Fazenda Serra da Mantiqueira

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