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Industrial and Logistical Projects in a ZPE region in Ilhéus, Bahia


Export Processing Zone Bahia –  commercial area with residential, industrial and logistical project, completely developed.

On offer is a composite property/project, comprising 5 different projects, to be realized on a land plot of 2.250.000 m² in a port location in Ilhéus. The land is completely developed, with electricity, sewage, water, even 5G internet – representing one of the most modern project landscapes in Bahia, Brazil.

It is part of a ZPE – an Export Processing Zone focussed on industrial and logistical development. As an ZPE it comes with several fiscal and economic advantages and benefits, like a differentiated tax and exchange treatment, destination of most of its production abroad, an extremely successful model used in more than 130 countries. This all in the framework of WTO-compatible set of rules.

It has an excellent logistical integration: BR-415 / BA-262 and BA-262 / Porto Sul connections as well as proximity to the Jorge Amado Airport.

Details about the Incentive Structure:

Reduction of federal taxes and charges;
Suspension of taxes on imports of goods and services;
Suspension of taxes in obtaining raw materials, intermediate products and packaging materials;
Suspension of taxes on the acquisition of new or used capital goods (machinery and equipment);
Possibility of an ICMS 99/98 agreement;
Possibility of negotiating incentives in the collection of ISS and IPTU.
Simplification of tax and administrative processes – customs area.
Legal certainty: 20-year legal regime, renewable for an equal period;
Exchange flexibility: export earnings;
Additional tax incentives: possibility of cumulative application of several tax incentives.

Regarding the economic potential of Bahia and its port regions  as well as the micro-region Ilhéus (infrastructure and development overviews) please contact us for further information and appraisals. We can also provide directed and specific consultancy about this topic.

Specific physical and topographical Characteristics of the Property and the single projects:

Today it has a total area of ​​2,250,000 m2 (two million, two hundred and fifty thousand square meters), with a completely flat topography, surrounded by virgin Atlantic forest with cocoa production in cabruca (in the shade of the forest)

The Masterplan of the area contains in total 4 projects to be implemented:

– Federal Customs (5%)
– Industrial lots (40%)
– Condominium of Logistics Warehouses (30%)
– Truck Center (25%) – Truck parking to serve both ports and the Industrial and Logistics Zone
The Truck Center will be equipped with:
– Fuel station
– Pousada
– Convenience shopping
– Services

Details about the single projects can be provided. A project presentation is available and can be sent on request.

Infrastructure of the Export Processing Zone Bahia:

Led Lighting
Own generation of solar energy
5G digital Internet
Sewage treatment (domestic and industrial)
Bicycle path
Water collection, treatment and distribution
Electronic surveillance

Locational Parameters:

6 km from Porto Sul
16 km from the Port of Ilhéus
20 Km from the Airport

Educational Infrastructure inside 20 km:

State University- UESC
Federal University- Under construction
Technical Training Center- SENAI – CIMATEC
Federal Institute of Education
Private university
CEPLAC- Cocoa Research Center

A kmz-file of the property is available and can be sent on request, as well as the documentation. Please contact us for further information.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

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