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Exclusive Apartment with 587 m² living space in luxury Condominium in São Paulo



Exclusive Apartment São Paulo: Highest class, luxury building, 587 m² living space, 8 parking lots, proximity Parque da Ibirapuera

Technical Data:

On offer is a High class apartment with an area of 587.43 m² and 4 suites, containing an individual deposit and the second basement contains 9 parking lots for vehicles, with an area of 101, 68 m², a common area with a size of 400.33 m², making it a total area of 1089.49 m², with the participation of the ideal fraction of 6.42515% in the land and other areas of common use. The total lot area of the building is 2,204.78 m².

About the Region and Surroundings:

Jardim Paulista is an upscale district in the south of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. It forms part of the upper-class region of the city known as Jardins (“Gardens”). The neighborhood is part of the Pinheiros district.

The beginnings of Jardim Paulista take us back to the 16th century, when it was just a quick distance to Ibirapuera – as the current neighborhood of Santo Amaro. From 1700 onwards, the region was sought after by farmers who wanted land to grow tea, tobacco and wine grape.
Jardim Paulista is an Upscale neighborhood in the west side, located between the Avenida Paulista and Parque Ibirapuera, standing out mainly for
its excellent location and also for being considered the most verticalized city.
Living in Jardim Paulista implies living in a diverse and welcoming neighborhood, because you can find everything from leisure to commercial offices. The neighborhood offers fantastic restaurants, shopping malls, parks and supermarkets.
Another striking feature of Bairro Jardins is the quality of the infrastructure. By living in this region, you can be sure that you will be close to everything you need most, including hospitals, schools and supermarkets. Commerce is excellent, especially on the Oscar Freire and Augusta streets.
Near the subway there are several traditional schools: Lourenço de Castanho School, bilingual schools, the traditional Colégio Dante Alighieri, Anglo, as well as further numerous
colleges and universities located in the region. There is also an ample variety of cinemas, theaters, good restaurants, hotels, entertainment and leisure –
Next to Ibirapuera Park, a lung of vegetation in the midst of City.

All documentation (deed, public register) ok and up to date. Visits of the apartment can be scheduled at any time.

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Exclusive Apartment São Paulo


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