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High Class Property in Morro de São Paulo with 4 floors and 270 m², highly suited for Airbnb rental



Estate Morro de São Paulo: high class house with 4 floors, high rental capacity, 270 m² built area, 383 m² land, residential and commercial use

Basic Information and Features:

The landplot on which the house was constructed has 383 m² and the house has around 270 m², distributed over 4 floors with the following composition, numbering from bottom to top:
Floor 1 : 2 Apartments of 35 m² suitable for rental
Floor 2: 2 Apartments of 35 m² each for rent plus a laundry / storage room
Floor 3: Single apartment, with kitchen, living room, dining room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and 2 balconies
Floor 4 : Master suite with bathroom and private deck

The estate serves a residential as well as a commercial purpose, that is it is possible for the owner to live in the house in its entirety, but also rent the single apartments out.
It is successfully being listed on Booking, AirBnb, Google and Expedia (Vrbo)

The appr. monthly income from rentals is R$ 30,000.00 (verified in 4 months of operation).

The annexed pictures include the topographic survey of the land and the floor plan.
The house is located in Condomínio Cajila.

The existing documentation in addition to IPTU is a Purchase and Sale Agreement and the house is part of the SPU (Secretario do Patrimonio da Uniao).

Additional Information as well as pictures (layouts etc.) can be sent on request.

Contextual Information about Morro de São Paulo and Surroundings:

Morro de São Paulo is located on the island of Ilha de Tinharé, in the municipality of Cairu, in the state of Bahia in Brazil.

The area is also known by the name Costa do Dendê, due to the fact that palm oil (Azeite de Dendê) is extracted here from oil palms. Today, the place is considered an insider tip for Brazilian tourism, as the island’s beaches are considered very beautiful. Morro de São Paulo has its own tourist infrastructure with many guesthouses and restaurants. The island is accessible by ferry. Comparable to Helgoland (Germany), any kind of motor vehicle traffic is not permitted on the entire island.

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