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Building Lots 180 m² up to 2640 m² in Garapuá, proximity to Morro de São Paulo



Construction Lots Garapuá: several lots of 180 m² up to 2640 m² size, for residential construction and private homes, privileged location

On offer are several lots, different in size and part of a larger property. They are situated in Garapuá, on the Ilha Tinharé, part of the municipality of Morro de São Paulo. The land parcels are partially developed. They range in size from 180 m² up to 2640 m², with prices ranging from 280 R$/m² to 700 R$/m², depending on the exact location inside the condominio. Thus there is a total price range starting with 50.000 R$ (180 m²) up to 1.830.000 R$ (2640 m² in prime location). A detailed availability list can be sent on request.

Google Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PwrhqdNPXgWKziAK6

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Additional Information about Garapuá and Surroundings:

Garapuá is a small fishing village, where the inhabitants still live their lives in a simple way, basically surviving on fishing, which serves to supply not only the few restaurants in the village, but also the other communities on the island. The tourist infrastructure is basic with a significant growth potential. There are some inns, however, they do not have the same standard as those existing on the other beaches of Morro de São Paulo. But although they are simple, they will provide you with comfort and hospitality. A good tip is to stay overnight in one of these inns, have dinner in one of the restaurants and enjoy the starry night on the beach. Most restaurants serve tasty homemade food and traditional dishes from Bahian cuisine. Prices are quite affordable.
Regarding the history of Garapuá, it can be said that the town began to be discovered and developed touristically from 1995 on. At this time Garapuá started to be more visited. In its historical trajectory, the most important landmark is the chapel of São Francisco de Assis, patron saint of the village.

Touristic and Geographic Information about the Region

Construction Lots Garapuá


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