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Construction lot with 50 ha at Rodovia Dutra


Construction Lot Rodovia Dutra: with 49,95 ha in excellent location, suitable for logistics, commercial and residential projcets

General Description and Features

About the Location:

  • The building plot is situated on the corner between the Rodovia Presidente Dutra and Avenida América
  • The land can be found right on the edge of the Rodovia Presidente Dutra, in a extension of around 900 meters and, facing the Avenida América, in a extension of the around 2,000 meters;
  • The property is located between two road returns, in direction of São Paulo the return is around 4 kilometers, in direction of Rio de Janeiro it is around 1 kilometer distant;
  • The property is approximately 22 km distant from the future São Paulo Rodoanel.
  • Distances between the property and some importants nearby locations:
    • International Airport of Guarulhos = 33 Km
    • New Rodoanel to be build = 22 Km
    • São Paulo Downtown = 54 Km
    • Guarulhos City = 40 Km
    • São José dos Campos City = 33 Km
    • Taubaté City = 72 Km
    • Volta Redonda City (Rio de Janeiro) = 230Km
  • Google Coordinates:  23º20’47,65” S and 46º09’30,56” O.


  • The land area has a total size of 499.500 m², completely plane/even;

Terms of the use:

  • The use of land is regulated by the law ZMR – Zona Mista Residencial, mixed zone of construction, that allows the development of residential, commercial and industrial projects, by using twice the total area of the real state;

Investment and Price Evaluation:

  • The value is estimated at approximately 850 R$/ m²


All documents ok, with escritura/RGI.

– All Environmental licenses granted by CETESB (Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo)
– Authorization of the two border municipalities (Mogi das Cruzes and Guararema) to start construction;
– General Construction Permit;

Google Localization: https://goo.gl/maps/YzM2yQ8GEbfZ379a7

Additional Information about the Region and particularly the Rodovia Dutra:

The Rodovia Presidente Dutra, (BR-116 – SP-60), colloquially known as Via Dutra is a federal highway which runs through the eastern part of the state of São Paulo and southwestern region of the state Rio de Janeiro. It is the part of BR-116 connecting the city of São Paulo to the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Major cities connected by this part of BR-116 are the city of São Paulo, Jacareí, São José dos Campos, Taubaté, Pindamonhangaba, Guaratinguetá, Resende, Barra Mansa, Volta Redonda and the city of Rio de Janeiro.
It covers a total distance of 402 kilometres (250 mi), starting at the Trevo das Margaridas in Rio de Janeiro and ending at the junction with Marginal Tietê in São Paulo. It merges with Rodovia Ayrton Senna in the county of Guararema and has junctions with Rodovia Fernão Dias, BR-354 and BR-459. The highway largely follows the Paraíba do Sul river valley.
Via Dutra is considered the most important Brazilian highway since it connects the two biggest and most important cities of Brazil and runs through ine of the richest regions of the country, the Paraíba Valley. It is also the most important connection between the Southern Region and the Northeast Region.

Further Considerations:

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