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Upscale Condominium in Manaus with 180 single lots and 652.000 m² total size

Estr. de Acesso Ao Cetur - Tarumã, Manaus - AM, Brazil


Condominium Manaus: modern high class residential area with 180 lots, minimum size of each lot 1.500 m²

General Description and Facts:

This condominium (“Condomínio Quintas de São José do Rio Negro”), is located at Estrada do Cetur, in the district of Tarumã. The 180 lots are distributed on a land area of a total size of 652.504,75 m², with 192.000 m² ecological area (APP – representing 29 % of the total area). Furthermore there is a club area (3 clubs) with a total of 41.000 m² (6 % of the total area). The idea behind this condominium was to create a residential area combining upscale living standards with embeddedness into nature. It has a distinct ecological character.

Additional to the single lots one eminent feature is the rich “club landscape”, consisting of several distinct clubs:

First the the ample social club area, with places for festivities and several events.

Furthermore, there is a Golf and Racquet Blub, with golf parcours, external deck, living room, library, poker room snooker area, home theater, a mini golf area, tennis courts, barbecue and gourmet area as well as a squash court.

Then there is the dedicated Sports Club, with fitness area, spa, beauty space, playground, aquatic parque with several swimming pools (among them for children), soccer field and multisport area with sand as well as an additional gourmet space.

Inside the condominium, there are a total of 3 km of paved roads and walkways, offering ample opportunities for walking and jogging, cycling etc. There are also nature trails, pet stations and open air training areas.

Another feature of the condominium is a catholic chapel for up to 120 people.

Furthermore, There is also a landing place for up to 200 yachts or jet skis, a heliport for up to 3 helicopters (the latter two not being part of the Condominium itself, but can be made available for utilization by the condominium residents).

Technical specifics and details can be sent on request.

The prices vary according to the specific lot, but range between 153 € / m² (standard lot) and 184 € / m² (special lot). A detailed price list can be sent on request.

Please see a short promotional video attached to this e-mail.

All documentation in order, visits can be scheduled any time. Please advise in advance.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

The property will be presented at the real estate exposition (Chamber of Commerce in Berlin) at the 6th and 7th of october 2020. Participants can register with the secretary of the Chamber (IHK-Berlin), Mrs. Cristina Maueröder (maueröder@ihk-berlin.de).

Condominium Manaus.


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