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Colonial town house in the historic harbour area of São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina



Colonial Mansion Santa Catarina: a town house with 622 m² right at the coast and small land area behind in São Francisco do Sul

Executive Summary:

This traditional mansion for sale is rather unique: it can best be described as a colonial style port mansion and it was originally constructed by a family of immigrants from Norway. Thus the name “Casarão Görresen”, which means roughly translated “Görresen’s Mansion”. To be quite clear, at this point approximately half of the mansion (the left side) is being sold, totalling 622 m². Attached to this exposé you can find several pictures and also layout plants that detail the structure and characteristics of the mansion. Behind the part of the house which is for sale, there is also a garden with panoramic view to the Bay, where for example a swimming pool or a garage can be constructed.

The entire land area is approximately 735 m², and the constructed area (of appr. 622 m²) is sub-divided into the upper floor with 287,22 m² and the ground floor with 335,37 m².

-It is quite close to Joinville, a region with German culture due to immigrants who came from Europe (Germany, Norway, etc.);
-São Francisco do Sul is a rather quiet city with 40 thousand inhabitants and beautiful beaches and islands;
-A restaurant / pizzeria / tavern has operated on the ground level, and it was very well attended, including by TV artists, so if someone wants to live on top and have a restaurant on the bottom, it is a great commercial spot;
– It has a pier in front, allowing access to those who have a motorboat.

Also, visits of the property can be scheduled at any time with 24 hours of antecedence. For further information about the history of the place, contact us also.

It is located in a strategic area between Curitiba, Joinville and Florianopolis and approximately 500 km from São Paulo.

São Francisco do Sul is the third oldest inhabited settlement after the discovery of Brazil in 1500. It is located in the north of the state of Santa Catarina, in the north of the island of Ilha de São Francisco do Sul. It was founded in 1504, but only became independent in 1660 and became a city after 1847. In 2010, 42,569 inhabitants lived here on a total area of 540 km². It is located on the Atlantic Bay Baía da Babitonga at a height of 1-9 m above sea level.

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