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Beach Land with 150 ha total area and over 2 km beach line in Paraíba



Beach Land Paraíba: Area with 150 hectares, with construction license, 2 km beach front in a spectacular region

General Description and Summary:

The total area on offer is approximately 150 ha, with a legal reserve (reserva legal) of 16 ha (protected area that includes among other things a river and mangrove vegetation). The land comes with building permits and licenses by the Brazilian Environmental Authority (IBAMA) which can be made available upon request (details on further inquiry).

Geographical Location/Coordinates: 6°52’17.34” S and 34°54’34” W (represented in the aerial map, annexed to this exposé, by the yellow pointer). A kmz-file with the exact locational data is also available.

Adjacent to the property, there is a dry-dock project (https://youtu.be/CE_d72Jhdpc) which will be subcontracted to Chinese contractors. The property is owned by a company with CNPJ in Brazil.

Concerning electricity: There are high power lines to the area Bom Sucesso, but they haven´t been connected yet to the local powerstation.
Water: Various wells in the neighborhood have been analyzed. The water used in the urban area Lucena is provided by the company Cagepa also from wells. There is the possibility to make a well at Bom Sucesso at 70+ meters for mineral water.
Sewers: the local authorities are currently installing sewers in the streets of Lucena, however the house are not connected yet and have their own sceptic system. In case of the project there are sewages project that is authorized by the ambiental authority SUDEMA.

Additional Information about the Region and Surroundings:

Paraíba is increasingly developing. Numerous infrastructure projects are in progress, such as tripling highways in the area and a new bridge for improved access to villages in the north of  the state Paraíba. These infrastructure developments indicate growth in the region, towards further profitable and desirable investments.

The property itself is pertaining to the municipality of Lucena, which is part of the metropolitan area of João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba.

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