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Modern Villa with 700 m² constructed area in Granja Viana, São Paulo

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Modern Villa Granja Viana:  with 700 m² constructed area, 1500 m² land and 3 Suites, São Paulo

Detailed Description – Villa Granja Viana:

The high quality villa is located in Granja Viana, in the Condominio Santo Antonio.

The house has 2 floors:

On the first floor/ground level there is a garage, service area, two basement rooms and two guest suites, approx. 150 m²
On the second floor there is the actual living area with approx. 300 m². Additionally, other structures were built subsequently after the purchase of the current owner: a Garden pavilion with 50 m², parties and joint meeting room with 50 m², recreation room with sauna 50 m², caretaker’s house 50 m², other terraces with 30 m².

The house was built under the following premises:

1. The construction should provide a maximum of intimate areas, protected from external insights.
2. Control for the residents who want to visit the house.
3. The cars can drive into the garage at any time of the day or night through an automatic garage door and passengers can always get in and out with access to the house, but only with a key.
4. The garage is separated by a door with security lock to the main house.
5. The garage can accommodate 4 cars
6. Electricity, water and gas are outside the building, in front of the garage.
7. The gas cylinders are also stored, firstly for security reasons, and secondly for replacement, in front of the house facing the street.

The basement with guest suites and storerooms:

In the basement you can find two storage rooms, the laundry and ironing area as well as 2 guest suites.

In front of the laundry and ironing area there is a large yard for drying clothes and a carpet bar for cleaning the carpets.

Both guest suites have independent bathrooms. One suite is equipped with complete television infrastructure.

The upper floor can be reached by a sweeping staircase.

The upper living area is divided into the following rooms:

1. The living room is separated into two areas, the main area with 36 m² with bar and a fireplace.
Secondly an intimate living area  with 22 m², also with fireplace. The fireplace is installed as a room divider and can be operated independently from both sides. This results in a room with a total of 58 m².

3. The living room adjoins another room with 18 m ², which is separated by a sliding door with lead composite glass. Thus, the dining room can be prepared for a guest dinner from the kitchen. Then it is integrated by opening the sliding door to the living room.

4. The kitchen adjoins the dining room with 17m ².
The kitchen is connected to the dining room through a spacious pass-through window, ensuring easy serving.

5. From the living room, a free-floating staircase leads to the Mesanino area (mezzanine). Due to the construction as free floating, these stairs are integrated into the smaller living room like a piece of jewelery. The Mesanino has a size of 26 m².

All rooms, including the dining, large and small living room, as well as the mesanine area are designed with 5.5 m long Ipê boards. As is known, the Ipê wood is a very hard and heavy wood, and has a specific gravity greater than 1 and is extremely resistant. Floors of this quality are no longer available today. This structure supports the integrity of the spaces.

From the large living room there is a large patio door to the patio and garden.

Characteristics of the Windows:

All exterior windows and door structures in this house are made of mahogany wood, a hard wood that is not infested by vermin. All the windows and doors that open to the outside are fitted with art-grade iron bars.

Area for parties and joint meetings:

The small living room is adjacent to the party room. This room can be used independently of the house. One side has access to the kitchen, on the other side you have access directly to the garden. The room can be visited without going through the house. The hall has a surface of 55 m² and a height of up to 5 m. This room is equipped with a 1000 l aquarium.
Again, the exits are equipped with wrought-iron gates.

Hall, terrace, office and master suite:

Through a spacious hallway you have access to the terrace, the office and the master suite. The terrace is covered without disturbing support columns, resulting in a sweeping area.

The master suite consists of the actual bedroom with 18 m² with integrated dressing room ( 16 m²)  for the gentleman, in addition a walk-in dressing room 12 m² for the lady.

In the adjoining bathroom with 12 m² there is a toilet separated by a door. This ensures a parallel use of the bathroom. Two independent sinks are installed.
Furthermore, there is a connecting door to the terrace and the swimming pool.

Recreation area: garden, swimming pool and garden pavilion:

The house is equipped with a large recreational facility. This was possible due to the extremely favorable positioning of the entire building. The house protects against unwanted insights, which is supported by intensive growth to the street.

The swimming pool has a size of 13 m x 6 m. It has a large inviting staircase and is designed in Feng Chui style. The pool filter system is in an adjacent building, which is partly built on a cellar. This ensures that the pipe systems and filter pump are below the level of the pool and thus there is a constant water pressure for the pump.
This house also contains storage for equipment and garden furniture.
Furthermore, there is a massage room, dry sauna with an adjoining relaxation room. There is also an shower and a toilet.  Furthermore, outside there is an electric swimming pool heating when needed.

This leisure complex is complemented by a round gazebo with a diameter of 8 m, i. a total of approx. 50 m². This gazebo is fully furnished with a vertical grill and an open wood stove for rustic fare. In addition, there is also a sink with running water.

Furthermore, there is a dog kennel for 2 dogs in the lower garden area with a closed space of about 19 m x 2 m.

Finally, a viewing platform with access through a staircase (integrated into the garden) should be mentioned.


The region is very well developed, there are many schools, supermarkets and restaurants nearby. This also applies to medical care, clinics and in general institutions and amenities of everyday life. Nearby there is also a well known retirement home, São Camilo, where at the moment a hospital is being grown, which will be completed in 2020/21.


Further Considerations

The price represents a basis of negotiation. Counter offers will be analyzed.

Documentation (deed, escritura) can be sent on request.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.


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