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Upscale Private Home with 245 m² living space in the Condominio Costa do Sauípe, Bahia



Upscale Private Home Sauípe with 245 m² living space and 1312 m² land in the Condominio Costa do Sauípe, Bahia

General Description and Characteristics:

For sale are in total 2 houses (houses G4 and G5), which are similar in structure and layout – with the only difference degrees of air conditioning equipment (house G4 with full air conditioning, house G5 only with air conditioning in the bedrooms) and slightly different decoration. The prices of the two houses are 1.500.000 R$ and 1.100.000 R$ respectively.

The private home has in total 245 m² of living space, distributed on 2 floors and 1300 m² land size, with summer kitchen and pool. There are four bedrooms, each with an integrated bathroom, open kitchen, dining and living room.  Both houses are fully furnished. Each house has room for up to 8 people.

About Costa do Sauípe:

Inaugurated at the start of the millennium, this resort includes five luxury hotels and six 3 star guesthouses. The whole resort covers 18 km2 and in addition to the hotels a small village with restaurants and boutiques and more than 300 private residences, but mainly used for holiday purposes. There are still very few year-round residents. The two residential complexes, as well as the hotel complex are not accessible to the general public. The safety is very important here, because there are always important events taking place in the resort. Today’s owner, Rio Quente, runs one of South America’s largest water parks in Goias, near Brasilia, and has recently publicly confirmed that it intends to construct a large water park at Costa do Sauípe, which is scheduled to be opened in 2021. The first construction works have already begun.

Further Information about the Condominio and Resort: https://www.costadosauipe.com.br/

General and Municipal Information about Mata de São João: http://matadesaojoao.ba.gov.br/


All documentation in order, with escritura publica and Matricula.

The monthly Condominio fee is 1.900 R$

For further and more detailed information please contact us.

Further Considerations

Documentation can be sent on request.

We accompany clients during the whole sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

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