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Enormous and High Quality Sitio with 55 ha land and 5 Water Sources in Teresópolis



Sitio Teresópolis: upscale property with 55 ha, private home, several chalets, pasture, rainforest, garden, breath-taking environment

General Description and Features:

This unique property named “Sítio Boa Esperança” is located in the neighborhood of Araras, a district in the city of Petrópolis, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. There are 55 ha of lush and beautiful land. It is partially covered by tropical forest, with 5 water fountains, a waterfall with a cascade, a spectacular natural pool and a wide stream of spring water. There are trees that are iconic of the history of Brazil, such as pau ferro and pau brasil.

It is very close to the Maria Comprida stone, which is the most impressive in Petrópolis. It is an important geological monument in the city and can only be climbed with permission.

All houses on the property have mineral water, which can be drunk directly from the taps, and there is Wi-Fi only in the main one.

The main chalet has 3 double bedrooms, one single, 3 bathrooms, a dining and living room and a kitchen. There is a backyard where you can enjoy and observe nature and the sound of the waters of the streams. The windows are large and with glass, which allows direct contact with nature. In the kitchen there is a wood stove.

There is a garage for two cars and an area to store parts for them.

There are 7 additional chalets:

– 1 Chalet with a suite and a beautiful balcony with wooden and glass doors and a “dressing”;

– 1 Chalet with Two bedrooms and two bathrooms;

– An additional gym with new equipment and a bathroom;

– 2 chalets with construction possibility (1 ex-stable, 1 storage).

– 2 employee chalets with potential renovation possibilities.

There is also a chicken coop with several free-range chickens is on the property. They lay eggs daily.

Additionally you can find:

1 barbecue area with 1 finish sauna and 1 bathroom. It is close to the natural pool.

1 steam room

1 laundry area

1 mountain on the premises

There are fruit trees all over the place, for example lemon trees. In each part there is a special smell of flowers or plants which creates a fantastic ambience.

Furthermore there are:

1 orchard

1 vegetable garden

1 chapel. This very special place was built in 1976 in honor of the mother, now deceased, owned by her father.

1 pasture

1 exquisite tropical garden.

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  1. This property is exclusively for sale, not for rental of any kind.
  2. It is recommended that prospective buyers conduct a visit of the property with a subsequent diligence in order to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase. It is however expected that the prospective client has the necessary financial means to purchase. It is important to note that Brazilian banks or in general financial institutions do not give, under any circumstances, loans or mortgages to foreigners. Also, it is very rare that European or American banks concede loans or mortgages for purchasing real estate in Brazil. It is thus indispensable to have the proper capital in order to effectuate a purchase.
  3. The buyer/investor does not pay any kind of commission to the realtor in Brazil – the commission is strictly the responsability of the seller. However, the buyer is responsible for paying the notary costs as well as the ITBI (Imposto de Transmissão de Bens Imóveis – the property transfer tax) which ranges, depending on the state, between 2 – 3 %.


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