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Resort with 16.000 m² land and 28 chalets in a beautiful location in Maranhão



Resort Maranhão:  area of 16.000 m² and 28 chalés in a stunning location in Barreirinhas, Maranhão

General Description and Details:

The Resort called “Encantes do Nordeste” was built in 5 distinct stages – in each stage a certain number of apartments was finished:

1st. Stage 7 apartments 2001
2nd. Stage 4 apartments 2004
3rd. Stage 5 apartments 2006
4th. Stage 6 apartments 2007
5th. Stage 6 apartments 2009

Construction Features:
There are a total of 28 chalets, 7 individual cozy chalets and 21 social chalets for several people. They are divided into two categories, 16 Standard chalets and 12 eco-chalets. The standards are 20 m² with a 6 m² balcony. The eco-chalets are 22 m² with a 6.5 m² balcony.

All chalets are made of masonry (6-hole Bahian brick and conventional two-hole brick made by hand) Ceramic tiles, tile or porcelain floors in bathrooms and bedrooms. On the balconies, industrial ceramic floors in 5 chalets and handcrafted pottery in 23 other chalets. Tatajuba wood ceilings in bathrooms and bedrooms. Ipe wood doors and windows. Balconies woods are carnauba logs or benefited Massaranduba wood.

About the Furniture and Equipment:
16 chalets are furnished with box beds and the eco-chalets with conventional wooden beds and mattresses. Both chalets also have a minibar, air conditioning, 32-inch TV, bedside tables, lampshades, mirror in the bedroom and bathroom, curtains on the windows.

The common area of ​​the hostel is composed of:
– A reception with concierge, small kitchen, 3 rooms for the administrative sector,
a bathroom and a balcony.
– A laundry and a room to iron and store bed linen and towels.
– Three tanks, one for food and beverages, the other for
cleaning and the third for decorative objects and electronic and electrical products.
– A tool depot and maintenance workshop
– A breakfast area with kitchen
– A 4m x 9m fiber pool
– A lounge
– A room for massage and meditation
– Parking for 10 vehicles
– A garden of approximately 10,000 m², all lawn with numerous plants,
coconut trees and fruits of the region, including a small native forest with palm trees
from Açai and Buriti.

Development Features of the Land:
The land is 4 km distant from the city center, in the district of Boa Vista, on 950 Estrada de Boa Vista. The land has asphalt, 220 volt electricity, running water and public lighting. It also has a water network, but the inn does not use the public water network. We have 2 wells duly licensed and which meet all our water needs, free of charge, supplying two water tanks, one with 10,000 liters and another with 5,000 liters. We don’t have a sewer network. We have 5 pits that meet our needs.

Information About Available Documentation:
The municipality’s registry office does not offer property deeds, but rather land tenure documents (posse). The vast majority of developments in the municipality have the same kind of documentation. There has never been a significant municipality litigation involving land tenure.
There is regular collection of IPTU.

Market Potential – Resort Maranhão

Pousada Encantes do Nordeste works with all the main agencies and tour operators in Brazil and some abroad.
Uses the services of the Omnibees reservation platform
Its operation is fully computerized by the Erbon system
It belongs to the 4 best hostels in the region with an excellent positioning in the market with agencies, operators and customers in general.
The resort already received numerous personalities from the artistic, academic, social, political and sports world at our Pousada.

The city of Barreirinhas is the gateway to visit the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, considered one of the 10 best tourist routes in Brazil by specialized magazines.

Project value:
R$ 8,500,000.00

Estimated Annual Gross Revenue
R$ 2,200,000.00

See link below for the Pousada Encantes do Nordeste website

Address: R. Boa Vista, 950 – Boa Vista, Barreirinhas

Coordinates: -2.7434519,-42.797725,16.5z

The sales price represents a basis of negotiation. We can provide a more detailed description on request. Also, visits of the property can be scheduled at any time.

We accompany clients during the entire sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

About the History and Development of the Resort:

The Pousada is part of three properties from the same owners, that share a common history and are also for sale and presented here in the offers section. Please see here:

Trip Group was founded in 2001 with the objective of expanding tourism in the Lençóis Maranhenses region by the hands of entrepreneurs Maria Luiza Silva and Edvaldo Ugarte. It began with the creation of the Pousada Encantes do Nordeste and the Bambaê Bar Restaurant and Pizzaria , in Barreirinhas. As a sales arm and continuing its expansion in the largest city in Latin America, Trip Group founded the agency Encantes do Nordeste – Tourism Expeditions and Lodging in São Paulo in 2003. In 2014, it inaugurated a new development, this time in the Atins, belonging to the municipality of Barreirinhas, Pousada Jurará. There arose the need for higher category facilities in the Atins and in 2016 came the new area which is an annex of the Jurará Inn, the Jurará Villa. And finally in 2017 to attend the children’s public, inaugurated the Kaya N’Gan Daya Park next to the Bambaê..

Originally, the inspiration for the developments in Maranhão came during a visit to the Preguiças Lighthouse, from where it is possible to obtain a privileged view of the Maranhão environment. “It was an immediate and extremely intense spell. When I came down from the lighthouse I already looked for some land to buy there, which seemed to me to be the most beautiful village in the region. I bought a lot in Mandacaru that I have until today and I came back in February to look for a lot in Barreirinhas that at the time was a very nice town with a personality. We began to build immediately and in October of that year, 2001, we inaugurated the first seven chalets of the inn. From then on, we have been growing systematically until we reach the present 28 chalets, ” remembers Ugarte.

The other members of the Group came next, with the arrival of Bambaê Restaurant, Pousada Jurará in 2014, and Villa Jurará in 2016. With sustainable bases, all Trip Group companies have local collaborators, contributing to regional economic activation , professional qualification and expansion of the potential of Maranhão, which includes ecotourism, nautical tourism, adventure tourism and tourism experience. In Barreirinhas – the main gateway to Lençóis Maranhenses – tourists find more infrastructure in relation to food services, tours and bank branches, while in Atins they enjoy a fishing village formed by beach, native forest and a quiet and attractive life.

Additional and Tourism Information About Barreirinhas: https://guia.melhoresdestinos.com.br/barreirinhas-220-6113-l.html

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