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Plot of Land with 24 ha in the middle of Santa Catarina, surrounded by nature



Plot of Land Santa Catarina: with 24 ha in the middle of Santa Catarina, surrounded by nature, altitude of 380 m² and with 2 rivers

General Description:

The interior of Santa Catarina, safe, quiet and provided with all natural resources for an off-grid lifestyle and still being 3 hours from Florianópolis.
With a slight slope to the East, the land has a huge native forest at the top and below, pasture areas and others of native forest are interspersed until the lower end of the land that is Rio do Meio in Anitápolis, SC.
Hydrography: There are two strong streams with the springs in the extreme upper part of the land.
The land has an approximate size of 24 ha. It is a rural property without construction, located in Rio do Meio, municipality of Anitápolis, Santa Catarina. It is located in an idyllic place near a mountain range, the Serra Geral. The area has a relatively cold climate, with an annual average of 17 °


Fertile Lands and Lots of Rain
• This region is ~ 17km from Anitápolis at an average altitude of 380m.
• The community produces fruits and vegetables throughout the year without the need for irrigation systems, as rainfall is very well distributed throughout the year. So there is no dry season, just a break from rain.
• Because it is a higher region and has a colder climate, mosquitoes do not disturb at higher altitudes.

About Anitápolis and Surroundings:

The history of the municipality is deeply linked to that of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, from which it was dismembered. Its population is mostly descended from colonizers who came from Germany, who already in the middle of the 19th century started to populate the Anitapolitan territory.

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