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Landplot in Arraial, Bahia, urban expansion area with high growth potential



Landplot Arraial: area with 106.000 m² suitable for hotel or house construction, embedded into a stunning nature

General Description and Features:

The landplot is located in Arraial da Ajuda, a district and part of Porto Seguro, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The size of the land is appr. 106.000 m², subdivided into 2 smaller lots and separated by a street. The land can be purchased completely, or one of the two lots separately (58.000 m² and 48.000 m²). The land is completely developed, with electric energy and water connection. It is located about 8 km from the airport in Terra Vista as well as 25 km from Porto Seguro. It is an urban land area, completely documented, without any debts or encumbrances. It has a wide-ranging construction potential – hotels, condominios and single family houses.

Both composing lots – 58.000 m² and 48.000 m² – can also be purchased separately, at price of 870.000 R$ and 724.000 R$ respectively. For further information please contact us.

Arraial is a historical place that is situated on a high plateau above the coast. The nearby national park and Indian reserve of Monte Pascoal as well as the white beaches and marine lagoons in the area attract not only Brazilian but also international tourists every year. There is the possibility of doing coastal walks to the nearby town of Trancoso (Bahia) and beyond to the nature reserve of Monte Pascoal.
The area around Arraial da Ajuda is one of the places with some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, including, Praia de Mucuge, Pitinga and Lagoa Azul.
One can reach Arraial da Ajuda either via a newly built road through the hinterland or you can cross the river Rio Bunharém with small ferries directly from the center of Porto Seguro, which flows into the sea here. If you choose this route, you will reach Arraial da Ajuda after a 5 km drive.

The landplot is located in proximity of the “Chacaras de Taipe” Condominio as well as near the Parque Nacional do Pau Brasil:


On the land it is possible to implement different construction projects, among them residential and touristic (for example hotels our pousadas). It is a highly valuated land area, completely even, with Mata Atlantica (Atlantic forest) on it. It is a region highly coveted by foreigners.  The access is not asphalted yet, but paved. The landplot belongs to the urban zone (IPTU-liable) and thus permits ample construction. It is completely documented, with escritura and RGI (General Property Register).

What are the advantages of investing in Arraial?

• Arraial d’Ajuda has nowhere else to grow and the only areas still available for large projects are in the nearby Chacaras do Taipe subdivision.
• The governor of Porto Seguro confirmed the construction of the bridge that will connect Porto Seguro to Arraial d’Ajuda. The bridge on the Arraial side will be close to the subdivision, thus bringing a greater flow of potential tourists and investors. https://bahia40graus.com.br/23023-2/
• The region is experiencing rapid growth. The pandemic effect has generated an even greater search for regions that offer exactly what the region of Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso offers. More people from outside the region are looking for houses and land to buy, more investors have understood the potential of the region and are investing in subdivisions, condominiums, resorts, etc…
• The government of the state of Bahia announced the construction of the new Porto Seguro airport. This airport is being built to receive aircraft with up to 624 passengers, which will further increase the number of people visiting and enchanting themselves with the region.  https://www.jornaldosol.com.br/component/content/article/33-cidade/7055-projeto-arquitetonico-do-novo-aeroporto-e-apresentado#:~:text=O%20novo%20aeroporto%20vai %20ser,capacity%20for%20at%C3%A9%20220%20passengers.
• Porto Seguro and the surrounding region (Discovery Coast, which includes Arraia dAjuda, Trancoso and etc…) was in 3rd place in the ranking of the most visited cities within the state of Bahia. Porto Seguro lost to Morro de São Paulo, but now Porto Seguro and the region are in 2nd position, losing only to the capital of Bahia. https://www.correio24horas.com.br/noticia/nid/conheca-os-10-principais-destinos-turisticos-da-bahia/

Landplot Arraial


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