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Fazenda with 2100 ha in the Chapada Diamantina Completely Documented



Fazenda Chapada Diamantina with 1400 ha, entirely documented, in a breathtaking region of Bahia

Municipality – Morro do Chapéu – Bahia – Brazil;

Economic Region – Chapada Diamantina;

Area in the Deed – 2100 ha = 2,100,000 m2

Documentation – Public Deed Registered in Book 02 ace fl. 32 on 02/02/1976 at the Morro do Chapéu Real Estate and Mortgages Registry Office, BA, free and clear of encumbrances;

Access – Via BA 052 direction SSA – Morro do Chapéu, enter to the right 09 km before the seat of the municipality and travel 19 km on dirt road;

Distances – Salvador – Fazenda = 396 km / Feira de Santana – Fazenda = 288 km / Morro do Chapéu – Fazenda = 26 km;

Property located in a region whose soil and climatic conditions are favorable to agriculture and livestock with highlights for coffee cultivation, livestock production, especially beef cattle and / or milk, sheep farming, planting of artificial forests, biofuels production. Currently the cultivation of vines for the production of wine and the cultivation of olives for the production of olive oil has been the object of research in the region, conducted by Seagri (secretary of agriculture of the state of Bahia). Another activity that is being established in the region is the generation of Wind Energy;

Altitude – Property located between 760 m in the vicinity of the headquarters and Valley of the Jacuípe River which is the lowest part of the property, reaching up to 940 meters in the highlands of the farm;

Plant Cover: The Fazenda has approximately 80% of the surface area covered by natural vegetation of Arboreal and Arbustive Caatinga with strata composed of native grasses, shrubs and trees  (3 to 7 m high), deciduous, with large amounts of thorny plants interspersed with other species such as cacti, bromeliads and lianas; The remaining 20% ​​are occupied with pastures, roads, facilities and diverse bodies of water. The pastures are distributed in 05 divisions bounded by barbed wire with 4 wires, all served by water. The pastures are predominantly formed by the forage grasses Brachiaria brizantha and Urucroa in a reasonable state of conservation

Ecosystem – Caatinga;

Hydrography- The farm is bathed by the Jacuípe River in an extension of approximately 3.5 km, has 03 intermittent streams that flow into the Jacuípe in the immediate vicinity of the farm

Rainfall index – 739 mm / year;

Soils – 20% of alluvial soils in the Jacuípe River valley, approximately 08% of rocky outcrops and 72% of Red Yellow Latosols in the rest of the area;

Average temperature – Average temperature 20º C, maximum of 24,10º C and minimum of 15,5ºC, frequently reaching 10º C;

Topography – It presents flat areas in great part of the property, areas of lower altitude along the river with recesses or paths that expand the valley; areas of slopes that confine and connect the valley to the high parts of the board, the undulations are smooth which makes the area predominantly machinable;

The property has infrastructure such as electric power network (Coelba), mobile telephony coverage; located next to paved state highway (BA 052) with collective transportation circulation; the property is completely delimited and surrounded, is free and clear of liens, litigation or squatters;

Buildings and Constructions:

There is a Central Private home with 3/4, 02 bedrooms, sanitary, kitchen, garage and annex, this is composed of ¼, kitchen with wood stove and bathroom; built in a pleasant place, but the property is in need of repairs;
House of manager with 02 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, served by piped water and electric energy;
Further house with 02 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, served by piped water and electric power, also in need of repairs/reform

Further Considerations

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