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Ecological Area in the Serra do Tabuleiro, with 298 ha, near Florianopolis



Ecological Area Florianopolis: Property suitable for environmental compensation, carbon credits or environmental preservation.

The property consists of 4 distinct areas:

  1. Fazenda Rio Bonito – 201 hectares
  2. Fachinal Rohling with 24,2 hectares
  3. Pedra Alta with 24,2 hectares
  4. Prainha with 48,4 hectares

The 4 areas can be unified into one with a total size of 297.80 hectares

The property is part of the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park Reserve.

Areas within the park can be used for environmental compensation, legal reserve, discharge of debts with the state government, etc., with the advantage of donating to the park and exempting itself from the responsibility of maintaining the property.

Areas outside the park can be used for carbon credits, mineral water exploration, environmental compensation, ecotourism, private reserve, among other purposes.

All areas with public deed (Escritura Publica, fully documented)
Sales value of R$ 0.55 per m² giving a total value of R $ 1,637,900.00

We accompany clients during the whole sales process and provide encompassing consulting services.

About the region:

This natural reserve region is richly endowed by different biomes. The coastal area contains salt marshes and mangroves. The mountains are mostly covered in dense rainforest rich in epiphytes. The upper slopes, shrouded in fog from the moist Atlantic air, holds cloud forest. The highest parts hold rainforest with Araucaria and alpine meadows. Each region has its own special fauna and flora, as do the coastal islands. The park contains the Baixada do Maciambu, a formation of semi-circular sand ridges formed by fluctuations in sea levels over the years and considered an important geological monument.

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