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Fazenda with 13.000 ha for crops and cattle breeding



Crops Cattle Farm: Fazenda with 13.000 ha for crops (Soy, Sorgum, Cotton, Corn) and Cattle near Cocos, Bahia

Detailed Description:

The farm is located near Cocos, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

The farm has a total area of 13.005 ha, an open area of 8.190 ha. The total usable (agricultural) area is 9.690 ha, the Legal Reserve (Reserva Legal), according to the regulations of INCRA, is 3.296 ha. This legal reserve cannot be used and has to be maintained in an natural/original state.

The Pluviometric Index indicated annual rainfall of 1.400 mm. The soil is predominantly yellow latossol, with a base saturation of 60 – 70 %.

Altitude: 860 m.

The farm can be used for the plantation of cotton, corn, sorghum, soy and the open areas for cattle breeding.

The farm was inaugurated in 2011. In 2012/2013 3.446 ha of corn were planted, in 2013/2014, the corn area was expanded to 4.239 ha, and 3.449 ha addtionally planted with soy. From 2014 to 2018 2.000 ha for cattle breeding (brachiaria) were created.

The annual return on investment is estimated at 18.000.000 USD (approximately 68.000.000 R$)

The sales price represents a basis of negotiation.

All documentation (Escritura, CCIR, certidão do inteiro teor, georeferenciamento) available and can be sent after a written Manifestation of Interest.

Detailed information about the agricultural sector in Brazil, analysis and literature you can find here.

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